Tanok na Maidani Kongo / Танок на майдані Конґо

Tanok na Maidani Kongo  (Танок на майдані Конґо, better known as TNMK; translates to “dance at the Congo Square”) is the most successful Ukrainian hip-hop group ever. They are known for mixing elements of rock, funk, and jazz into their sound, and for playing real instruments rather than using samples during their live shows. They have […]

Potap and Nastya / Потап и Настя

Potap and Nastya (Потап и Настя) are a Ukrainian pop/rock duo. They sing mainly in Russian, occasionally in English, and rarely in Ukrainian. Their linguistic preferences have brought them controversy in their native Ukraine, but they remain a highly popular contemporary group, and they affirm that they are fully Ukrainian, despite singing in Russian. The group consists […]

Braty Hadyukini / Брати Гадюкiни

Braty Hadyukini (Брати Гадюкiни) is one of the most beloved Ukrainian bands from the close of the Soviet era. Their combining of rock, punk, funk, reggae, and blues with local Galician musical traditions and their willingness to experiment with the boundaries of genre has made a significant impact on the musical landscape of Ukraine. Similarly, the presence […]