Eating Out

The post-Communist space has seen a blossoming of food culture in recent years. Not only have locals acquired tastes for world cuisine, they are also rediscovering and taking delicious joy in their own traditions. Perhaps most importantly, locals are now starting to demand value, quality, and good service and, with the increasing competition in the local food services industries, they are starting to get it.

Explore your options for eating out in: Moscow; St. Petersburg; Irkutsk; Vladivostok; Bishkek; Kyiv; and Warsaw.

Burger King Russia: Dirty Jokes, Big Burgers, and Fast Food Success

Burger King is a relative newcomer to the Russian fast food market. While other fast food giants opened stores in 1990s, the first Burger King in Russia opened in Moscow only in January, 2010. However, as of 2019, the last time that official information was released, the franchise in Russia was already valued at around […]

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