Sogdiana (real name Oksana Nechitaylo, Оксана Нечитайло) is a Russian-Uzbek pop singer. She sings in Uzbek, Russian, and Chechen, though most often in Uzbek. Sogdiana’s family is Chechen, but she grew up in Uzbekistan—she was born in 1984 in Tashkent. She studied the piano in school and studied at a conservatory at the same time, […]

Veronika Dolina / Вероника Долина

Veronika Dolina (Вероника Долина) is a Russian singer, poet, and bard—one of the few women in that male-dominated genre. She was born and raised in Moscow, in a family of an aircraft-designer father and a doctor mother. She studied at music school when she was young and then entered the French department at university, training […]

Bi-2 / Би-2

Bi-2 (Би-2) is a Belorussian/Russian alternative rock band that has been in existence on and off since the late 1980s. Its two founders, Lyova Bi-2 (Лёва Би-2; Yegor Bortnik, Егор Бортник) and Shura Bi-2 (Шура Би-2; Aleksandr Uman, Александр Уман), met as teenagers in Bobruisk, Belarus, where they were both involved in the theater of […]

Pilot / Пилот

Pilot (Пилот; sometimes also written PilOt or PILOT) is a Russian grunge/punk/metal/rock/folk band from St. Petersburg, Russia. It was founded in 1997 by Ilya “Devil” (Илья “Чёрт”; real name Ilya Knabengof, Илья Кнабенгоф), the band’s singer. The other members were Roman Chuikov (Роман Чуйков; guitar), Stas Markov (Стас Марков; bass), and Vitya Kuzmichev (Витя Кузмичев; […]

Splean / Сплин

Splean (Сплин; the misspelling of “spleen” in English is intentional) is a well-established post-Soviet Russian rock band. The name was inspired by a poem by Sasha Chyorniy (Саша Чёрный), a Silver Age poet, which referenced the depression-like ailment of spleen. The band was founded in 1994 by Aleksandr Vasilyev (Александр Васильев). Before this, Vasilyev had […]

Sevara Nazarxon

Sevara Nazarxon (or Севара Назархан) is an extremely popular contemporary Uzbek singer and composer. She sings both pop and Uzbek folk music, in Uzbek, Russian, and English, and her usual style combines both pop and folk. She is one of the most, if not definitely the most, successful and popular singers in the history of […]

Pyotr Nalich / Пётр Налич

Pyotr Nalich (Пётр Андреевич Налич) is a Russian singer-songwriter who sings in Russian, English, Italian, French and Babury (Бабури), an invented language. Nalich’s songs are often funny, at times comparable to children’s songs. All of Nalitch’s songs are available for free or “pay what you want” download on his website and, as he declared in an […]

Pelageya / Пелагея

Pelageya (the stage name of Pelageya Khanova, Пелагея Сергеевна Ханова) is a Russian singer known for her versions of folk songs of various nations, romances, and other compositions performed in rock arrangement. Pelageya was born into a musical family and showed herself as a talented singer from a very young age. Her mother, Svetlana Khanova […]

Aleksandr Galich / Александр Галич

Aleksandr Galich (Александр Галич; originally Ginzburg) was a Russian/Ukrainian singer-songwriter, bard, poet, and Soviet dissident who died in 1977. He is well-known enough, and beloved enough, to be mentioned in the same breath as Vysotsky. He was born in present-day Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk) to a family who enjoyed, though did not create or participate in, music […]

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