Paperny T.A..M… / Паперный Т.А..М…

Paperny T.A..M… (Паперный Т.А..М…) is a Russian music group that was founded in Moscow shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Its leader is Aleksey Mikhailovich Paperniy (Алексей Михайлович Паперный; the T.A..M… stands for “fellowship of actors and musicians” (товарищество актёров и музыкантов), though information about the strange system of periods/ellipses is not forthcoming. […]

Vladimir Vysotsky / Владимир Высоцкий

Vladimir Vysotsky (Владимир Высоцкий) was one of the most celebrated figures of the late Soviet underground cultural scene. He is best known as a Russian singer, performer, and poet and one of the founders of the Soviet bard tradition, but he was also an inspiration for many members of Soviet society who disagreed with the […]


Perfect is a Polish rock band founded in 1977. It was fantastically popular in its early years and has continued to enjoy success even up to the present day, despite breaking up and getting back together multiple times. The original members of the band were Wojciech Morawski (drums), Zdzislaw Zawadzki (bass guitar), Paweł Tabaka (keyboards), […]

Aleksandr Bashlachev / Александр Башлачёв

Aleksandr Bashlachev (Александр Башлачёв), nicknamed SashBash (СашБаш, for Sasha, the common nickname for Aleksandr) was a Soviet/Russian singer-songwriter, poet, and bard, a popular performer in the Soviet underground circuit. Born in Cherepovets, Vologda oblast, Bashlachev went to school and university there and initially worked in metallurgy. He later moved to Sverdlovsk to study journalism but […]

Mikhail Boyarskiy / Михаил Боярский

Mikhail Boyarskiy (Михаил Сергеевич Боярский) is a Soviet and Russian actor and singer. Best known for his work on historical action-adventure films, Boyarsky rose to nationwide fame for his role of d’Artagnan in the 1978 Soviet adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers. He is also well known as a singer and became an Honored Artist […]

Larisa Dolina / Лариса Долина

Larisa Dolina (Лариса Александровна Долина) is a celebrated Russian jazz singer, pop singer, and actress. In 1998 she was named a Folk Artist of Russia, and she is also a three-time recipient of the Russian National Ovation (Овация) prize. Dolina was born in 1955 in Baku, Azerbaijan, into a European family. By age three she […]

Igor Krutoy: Performer, Producer

Igor Krutoy (Игорь Яковлевич Крутой) is a Ukrainian-born Russian composer, music producer, and promoter. He has been named a People’s Artist of Russia (Народный артист России) in 1996 and a People’s Artist of Ukraine (Народный артист Украина) in 2011. He publishes bands under his eponymously titled label. Born in 1954 in the city of Gaivoron […]

Svetlana Surganova / Светлана Сурганова

Svetlana Surganova (Светлана Яковлена Сурганова) is a Russian singer, musician, soloist, poet, and band leader most famous for her role in the Night Snipers (Ночные снайперы, 1993–2002) and as leader of the group Surganova and Orchestra (Сурганова и оркестр). Surganova, born in 1968, is originally from Leningrad and started to write songs at the age […]

Yulia Rutskaya / Юлия Руцкая

Yulia Rutskaya (Юлия Руцкая) is a Russian-Kyrgyz pop singer, television host, and model who sings in Russian, Belarusian, and Kyrgyz. Originally from Vitebsk, Belarus, her family moved to Kyrgyzstan when she was five. She is a member of the significant Belarusian diaspora in Kyrgyzstan and has embraced her Kyrgyz side, singing in Kyrgyz at least […]

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