Gorko! 2 / Горько! 2

Gorko! 2 (Горько! 2) is a 2014 Russian comedy and the sequel to the popular 2013 Gorko! (Горько!). The film has a very strange premise: in stark contrast to that of the previous film, about the wedding(s) of central couple Natasha and Roma, this one is about a funeral. This is particularly odd as the […]

Gorko! / Горько!

Gorko! (Горько!) is a 2013 Russian comedy. It is filmed as if it were a wedding video made by a young wedding guest. It is about engaged couple Natasha and Roma, who decide to have two wedding parties in an attempt to make everyone happy—one for their parents and relatives, in a traditional setting at […]

Legend #17 / Легенда №17

Legend Number 17 (Легенда №17) is a 2013 Russian biopic about Russian/Soviet hockey player Valeriy Kharlamov (Валерий Харламов). He was one of the best-known Soviet hockey players and was recognized worldwide. He participated and was successful in several Olympics and other Soviet and international competitions. He died in 1981 at the age of 33 in […]

Poddubny / Поддубный

Poddubny (Поддубный; The Iron Ivan in English) is a 2014 Russian biopic about Ukrainian/Soviet professional wrestler Ivan Poddubny. Poddubny was born in 1871 in what is now central Ukraine (it was part of the Russian Empire at the time), and he began a career in the circus and then in wrestling. He won championships all […]

Prom / Выпускной

Prom (Выпускной) is a 2014 Russian comedy. It takes place at the end of the school year in Nizhny Novgorod as various students close to graduation prepare for their senior prom (or rather the Russian equivalent). The main characters include a couple who are trying to make plans for the future but whose parents are […]

Christmas Trees 3 (Eight Degrees of Celebration) / Ёлки 3

Christmas Trees 3 (Ёлки 3; also called Eight Degrees of Celebration in English) is the third in the Christmas Trees (Ёлки) series, released in 2013. Like the other two films, it tells various stories of various people throughout Russia, all united by the fact that it is New Year’s Eve. Boris and Evgeniy, two of […]

Christmas Trees 2 (Seven Degrees of Celebration) / Ёлки 2

Christmas Trees 2 (Ёлки 2; also called Seven Degrees of Celebration in English) is the sequel to the popular 2010 Christmas Trees (Ёлки). Released in 2011, it did even better than its predecessor, both at the box office and in reviews. It is less a true sequel in terms of plot and characters and more […]

Christmas Trees (Six Degrees of Celebration) / Ёлки

Christmas Trees (Ёлки; also called in English) is a 2010 Russian comedy, the first in a multi-film series. Six different directors created different parts of the film. The film consists of nine loosely connected stories that all center on New Year’s (which is one of the most important holidays in Russia and more or less […]

There Are Only Women in Sports / В спорте только девушки

There Are Only Women in Sports (В спорте только девушки; also known as Some Like It Cold in English, though this ran into resistance from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, who said it infringed the copyright of their 1959 classic Some Like It Hot) is a 2014 Russian romantic comedy. It was made by the director of the popular […]

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