Electronic music had a major impact on all genres beginning in the 1960s. Synthesized beats and instrumentation became common in Soviet estrada. Today, electronic elements can be found in heavy influence most genres across Eurasia including pop, rock, and other forms. Below, you’ll find artists performing in genres where electronic elements are most dominant from new wave to techno and electronic-heavy dance-pop, to experimental indie electronic.

Languages: Search for electronic or electronic-influenced music performed in Russian, Ukrainian, or Polish, or in Baltic, Turkic, or Other languages.

Diskoteka Avariya / Дискотека Авария

Diskoteka Avariya (Дискотека Авария; “Disco Accident” or “‘Disco Crash’”) is a Russian rock group formed in 1988 in Ivanovo, an economically depressed city near Moscow. The original members of Diskoteka Avariya were Aleksey Ryzhov and Nikolai Timofeev, who met while studying at a local engineering university. They were joined several years later by Oleg Zhukov. […]

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