Music in Eurasia remains heavily influenced by older, more classic sources. In many Eurasian countries it stands out most in global music for still being produced mostly in the local languages, rather than frequently prefering English. However, the rock and pop scenes have also been influenced by modern western rock and pop, which have become global phenomena. The music of Eurasia is also broadly diverse, with many other forms and influences.

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Zhenya Milkovskiy / Женя Мильковский (Nerves / Нервы)

Zhenya Milkovskiy (Женя Мильковский) is a Russian-speaking Ukrainian musician who sings, plays the piano and guitar, and writes his own music. Most recently, he is the leader of the band Nerves (Нервы), which blends many elements of R&B, pop, and rap with generally very soft lyrics and vocals. Milkovskiy’s musical education started early, when he […]

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