Classic Rock

The following bands and artists are generally older groups whose popularity has spanned at least decade and sometimes much more. Some are solidly pop musicians while others are more punk or alternative, but the vast majority are true cultural icons for their regions. Most are profoundly influenced by bardic, shanson, or folk styles. Note that most Eurasian cultures do not actually use the term “classic rock” – and instead rely on less-time sensitive terms. Russian, for instance, uses “Russian rock” (Русский рок) to refer to Russian-language rock with fewer percieved commercial and western influences and more bardic and folk influences.

Languages: Search for classic rock music performed in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, or Belarusian, or in Baltic, Caucasian, Turkic, or Other languages.

Vladimir Presnyakov / Владимир Пресняков

Vladimir Presnyakov (Владимир Пресняков) is a Russian singer from Yekaterinburg. He was exposed to music from a young age, since both of his parents were in the music industry. Presnyakov started playing around with the piano, guitar, and drums as a child, and started writing his own music when he was 11. He began singing […]

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