Bajm is a classic Polish rock band that was founded in 1978. The original members were Beata Kozidrak (the founder and vocalist, and the only member who has stayed throughout the band’s history), Andrzej Pietras, Jarosław Kozidrak, and Marek Winiarski, with Andrzej Koziara and Andrew Gradkiewicz joining soon after. The band’s name comes from the […]

Budka Suflera

Budka Suflera is the longest continuously performing Polish rock band in the Polish music industry. While its lineup has changed somewhat from its original listing, it currently includes Krzysztof Cugowski (vocals), Romuald Lipko (keyboards), Tomasz Zeliszewski (drums), Łukasz Pilch (electric guitar), Mirosław Stępień (bass), Małgorzata Orczyk (vocals), and Tatiana Rupik (vocals). The band was officially […]

Maciej Maleńczuk

Maciej Maleńczuk is a Polish singer and songwriter who has been active in a wide variety of bands in many different styles—rock, jazz, dance pop—since the 1980s. Maleńczuk grew up in Wojcieszów, Poland, where he attended a sports school and was apparently a far from stellar student. He spent more time listening to American rock […]


Lombard is a Polish pop-rock band with a history of popularity. Over its history, the band has released 27 albums and 17 singles, altogether building a lasting history of productivity and popularity. The band’s current lineup includes Grzegorz Stróżniak (keyboards, vocals, lead), Marta Cugier (vocals), Daniel Patalas (guitar), Michał Kwapisz (bass guitar), and Mirosław Kamiński […]


Dżem is a Polish band that plays at the border of rock and blues music. It’s considered one of the best-known and most important blues–rock bands, with a prolific history spanning more than thirty different albums. While the band currently has six members, only two of those members, brothers Adam (vocals and guitar) and Benedykt “Beno” (bass […]


Rezerwat (“reserve”) is a Polish rock band that was founded in Łódź, Poland, in 1982. The band is led by Andrzej Adamiak, a composer, songwriter, producer, singer, and bass player. Most of Rezerwat’s music has been and continues to be written by Adamiak. The current lineup of the band includes Adamiak (bass and vocals), Krzysztof […]

Bad Dogs / Złe Psy

Bad Dogs (Złe Psy) is a Polish rock band that’s been around since 1999. The name apparently refers to American pit bulls, for which Andrzej Nowak, its founder, has a certain fondness. Nowak also sings vocals and plays guitar in the band TSA. TSA, Nowak’s first major project, is a hard rock/heavy metal band that […]


Cree is a Polish blues/rock band that was formed in 1993. Its name comes from the Cree, a First Nations tribe in Canada. The founder was Sebastian Riedel (guitar, vocals, harmonica)—incidentally the son of Ryszard Riedel, the lead singer of the legendary group Jam (Dżam)—and he was joined by Sylwester Kramek (guitar) and Adrian Fuchs […]


IRA is a Polish rock band that was founded in 1987 and still exists today. Its original members were Kuba Płucisz (guitar), Artur Gadowski (vocals), Wojtek Owczarek (drums), Darek Grudzień (bass), and Grzegorz Wawrzeńczyk (keyboards), who on one fine day agreed that they would become rock stars, according to the band’s website. In fact, that […]

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