Kult is a popular Polish rock band that has been active since 1982. It was formed then in Warsaw by Kazik (Kazimierz) Staszewski (vocals, saxophone) and Piotr Wieteska (bass), previously of punk band Poland—they practically introduced the punk aesthetic to Poland. The other original members of the band were Tadeusz Bagan (guitar) and Darek Gierszewski […]

Kazik (Kazimierz) Staszewski

Kazik (Kazimierz) Staszewski is a Polish singer, songwriter, and occasional saxophonist best known for his participation in the long-running rock band Kult. He has performed and recorded with other bands as well, and also has a successful solo career. Kazik hails from Warsaw. He has been a staple of the Polish music scene since the […]

Katarzyna (Kasia) Nosowska

Katarzyna (Kasia) Nosowska is a Polish singer who has a thriving solo career and is also the lead singer for the popular rock band Hey. Nosowska was born in Szczecin and sang in several rock groups in her early years, including the evocatively named Hairy (Włochaty) and Pajama Porno (Pidżamy Porno). In 1991 she started […]


Breakout was a Polish blues/rock band, often considered one of the most important and best-loved Polish bands from recent times. The group was started by Tadeusz Nalepa in 1968, though he had started a very similar group called Blackout a few years before. Blackout included Nalepa, Mira Kubasińska, and Stanisław Guzek. Guzek was not included […]

Kazik & Kwartet ProForma

Kazik & Kwartet ProForma is a Polish band consisting of singer Kazik Staszewski and the Kwartet ProForma, a band that had existed independently prior to bringing Staszewski on board. The band is Przemysław Lembicz (vocals, guitar), Peter Lembicz (guitar), Wojciech Strzelecki (bass, bass guitar, vocals), Marcin Zmuda (keyboard, vocals), and Marek Wawrzyniak (percussion)—yes, the quartet […]

Mirosław Czyżykiewicz

Mirosław Czyżykiewicz is a Polish graphic designer, poet, singer, and composer. Czyżykiewicz started playing the guitar when he was 14, and started singing and accompanying himself in his hometown of Gorlice during his teenage years. He also started participating in the Let’s Sing Poetry (Śpiewajmy Poezję) festival in Olsztyn. Czyżykiewicz originally trained as a graphic […]

Maciek Balcar

Maciek Balcar is a Polish singer, actor, and songwriter. He attended music school and studied piano in Ostrów Wielkopolski, where he grew up. He also played in blues, punk rock, and metal bands when he was younger. Later, he attended the faculty of architecture of the Technical University of Wrocław. In 1995 he became the […]


Myslovitz is a Polish rock band that started in 1992 by Artur Rojek (vocals, guitar) and Wojkta Powaga (guitar) while they were students in Mysłowice. The name of the band is based on a Latin transcription of the name of their hometown. They were soon joined by brothers Jacek (bass guitar) and Wojtek Kuderski (drums), […]

Paragraf 64

Traveling throughout Poland now is a group of musicians who come from a rather unusual background. The band, Paragraf 64, is comprised entirely of current prison inmates that combine metal with hip-hop. They are part of a service program aimed to rehabilitate prisoners through community service. I had the opportunity to see this band perform […]

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