Olivier Show / Оливье Шоу

The Olivier Show (Оливье Шоу) is an annual variety show broadcast on Channel One Russia on New Year’s Eve. It premiered in 2010 and was originally based on the Soviet classic holiday program, The Little Blue Light which featured popular Soviet artists and figures, including Heroes of Socialist Labor and cosmonauts, all of whom gathered at TV […]

Gnessin / Гнесин

Originally known as the Gnessin Institute, the Gnessin State Musical College (Государственный музыкальный колледж имени Гнесиных) is an elite music school in Moscow’s Arbat District. In additional to its academic prestige, it’s known as a factory for producing pop stars, including the legendary Philipp Kirkorov, one of Russia’s best-selling and most popular artists, Olga Arefyeva, […]

Leningrad Rock Club / Ленинградский рок-клуб

The Leningrad Rock Club (Ленинградский рок-клуб) was the first legal rock-club in Leningrad, formed in 1981 under Leonid Brezhnev. Located in the city center, the LRC inspired similar clubs across Russia, most notably in Moscow and Sverdlovsk. None, however, rivaled the success of the original, perhaps due to its proximity to Finland and easier access […]

Zolotoi Gramofon / Золотой Граммофон

The Zolotoi Gramofon (Золотой Граммофон, lit. “Golden Gramophone”) is one of the most important music award ceremonies in Russia. It was established in 1995 by Russkoe Radio, a Moscow radio station that specializes in Russian pop music. The awards were then attached to a the Russian Hill (Русская Горка) radio show, which aired the 12 […]

Nashestvie / Нашествие

Nashestvie (Нашествие), or “Invasion,” is an annual Russian rock music festival held over a three-day weekend in the first half of July. Since launching in 1999, Nashestvie has become one of the largest open-air music festivals in Russia with a record 205,000 in attendance during the 2016 season. The first Nashestvie was organized by Nashe […]

Star Factory / Фабрика Звёзд

Star Factory (Фабрика Звёзд) is a Russian music-competition TV show in which teams compete to become the new hit act in Russian pop music. The show has created such stars as Fabrika, Korni, and Polina Gagarina. It aired from 2002 to 2007 in Russia, with a triumphant return for one season in 2011. There are also […]

The Voice / Голос

Golos (The Voice, Russian: Голос) is a Russian reality talent competition. Running since October 2012, the show is one of Channel One’s most popular programs. Golos is the Russian version of the international talent competition The Voice, which began as The Voice of Holland and now has versions in various countries. The winners of the first […]

Maksim Fadeev & Monolit Records

Maksim Fadeev (Максим Александрович Фадеев) is Russian singer-songwriter, composer, and music producer. Fadeev is probably best-known as the manager of the highly successful pop singer Linda (Линда) and as the founder of the major record label Monolit Records (Монолит Рекордс). Fadeev was born in 1968 in the city of Kurgan, USSR. As a child he […]

Igor Matvienko: Pop and Rock Producer

Igor Matvienko (Игорь Матвиенко) is a Russian producer, composer, and founder of a number of popular bands, such as Lyube (Любэ), Ivanushki International (Иванушки International), Girls (Девочки), Fabrika (Фабрика), Cuba (Куба), and Mobile Blondes (Мобильные Блондники). He has also produced many important Russian singers, such as Zhenya Belousova (Женя Белусова), Viktoria Dayneko (Виктория Дайнеко), and […]

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