We're From the Future 2

We’re From the Future 2 / Мы из будущего 2

Published: January 15, 2017

We’re From the Future 2 (Мы из будущего 2; also Paradox Soldiers in English) is a 2010 Russian film. It is the sequel to the 2008 We’re From the Future. Both are war/drama/fantasy films about time travel. In the first film, the four heroes accidentally went back in time and had to fight in World War II.

In the second film, Borman and Cherep, two of the heroes from the previous film who had spent some time in the 1940s, decide to return again to that decade when they discover that Borman’s love interest, Nina, whom they had presumed dead, had actually survived. Before that, though, they go to Ukraine to take part in a battle reenactment, and they meet Taras and Seriy, who endlessly antagonize them. Of course, all four end up going back to 1944 together. They end up in the hands of the UPA, a Ukrainian nationalist army led by Stepan Bandera that is still highly controversial today: they are popular figures among Ukrainian nationalists looking for the roots of modern Ukrainian independence, as they resisted the Soviets, but they also probably participated in atrocities during the war. Long story short—the two Russian heroes of the film are worried about their fate, as the Ukrainians are taken in by the UPA as allies and are instructed to shoot Borman and Cherep. There’s also a whole secondary plotline about Nina, Borman’s former girlfriend.

The film itself got decent reviews overall, but several aspects were highly criticized. Several reviewers thought it just wasn’t very good, assuming it was only made because sequels are often a fountain of money. Others had deeper criticisms, though, citing its inappropriate—and unsuccessful—attempts at patriotic propaganda. And of course, the story of the film’s release was even more dramatic in Ukraine, where the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recommended that the film not be shown there at all: they said in a statement that it was morally provocative and might incite ethnic hatred.

Directors: Aleksandr Samokhvalov (Александр Самохвалов), Boris Rostov (Борис Ростов)
Stars: Igor Petrenko (Игорь Петренко), Vladimir Yaglych (Владимир Яглыч), Aleksey Barabash (Алексей Барабаш), Dmitry Stupka (Дмитрий Ступка), Yekaterina Klimova (Екатерина Климова)
Production company: A-1 Kino Video
Box office take: $8.2 million

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We're From the Future 2

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