Published: October 18, 2017

Novika (Katarzyna Nowicka), a Polish vocalist, DJ, and producer famous for her electronic, deep house, and techno beats, is one of the most active figures in the Polish club scene.

Born in 1974, Novika studied piano and flute before rising to fame in 1997 with the DJ duo Boogie Mafia. Together they began appearing in Warsaw clubs and Novika assumed managerial duties for the group in addition to providing vocals. Their 2002 debut album, Fur, featured many prominent Polish musicians including Smolik. She and Smolik collaborated later that year on the song “T.Time,” which was nominated for a prestigious Fryderyk Award as Song of the Year

Novika collaborated with Futro, Smolik, Fisz, Vienio & Pele, Adamus on her 2004 album “Feat. Novika.” Her first full solo album, Tricks of Life, was released in 2006. Out of six albums, Lovefinder (2010) was the most successful, reaching number six on the Top Polish charts and a Fryderyk nomination for Album of the Year.

In addition to singing, Novika hosted the show Lazy Sunday on Radiostacja from 2008 until 2013 before moving to Jazz Radio, and later BIS, where she displayed lazy and experimental electronic songs from new local talents. She has also written numerous articles for the Polish magazines Plastic, Machines, Fluid, and Życie Warszawy.


Novika and Smolik’s Fryderyk nomination, “T.Time”:

Regrets true silky cigarettes
Hip fast love
Street junky
Shock butterfly tattoo
Cinematic vision dirty mind
Smooth crocodile jacket
Super heavy headache
Pink dolls
Red answering machine
Ice cubes high heels
Sunny hat
Lost milky way
Sticky champagne
Puffy eyes cold dinner catwalk
Empty gaze

Just this time let ’s rewind and make it happen
Don ’t you see life ’s a dream coming true now

Burning desire blue bacon chips
Trip disco fake
Just a few forgotten words
Green limousine cheap motel
Glitter neon
Scary photographic thrill
Deep blue sofa
Automatic bell-door
Dizziness bitterness
Car keys lost control
Connecting lies

Just this time let ’s rewind and make it happen
Don ’t you see life ’s a dream coming true now


Novika’s 2009 single, “LOVEFINDER”:

let’s find love
so pure and innocent
stripped down to the bone
let’s find love
in every move so true
let’s find love
it’s right behind you

it’s best to keep it as a precious moment
it may not happen again
this flash of feeling’s taking so much power
it may not last till the end

let’s make love
it can be anywhere
anywhere you want
let’s make love
it should be easy
so make it hot
the way you see it

the pressure’s trying to attack your freedom
it always know where you are
you can’t be lazy when you should be horny
it’s gonna get you a new life

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