Shahzoda Muhammedova: Uzbek actress, designer, and show host

Published: August 6, 2022

Shahzoda Muhammedova (Шахзода Мухаммедова) is an Uzbek actress, designer, and show host. She was born on 15 April 1991 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Shahzoda grew up in a strict household. In her interviews, she mentioned that this situation, being restrained by her parents, caused her to have a close relationship with her grandparents, who were more laid back.

Muhammedova was interested in art from an early age. However, even though she wanted to study design, Shahzoda applied to Tashkent State University of Economics with a major in tourism. She has stated that her family influenced this decision.

During her college years, she surprisingly became a costume designer and later was offered a small role in a movie named Luck (Omad/Удача). This first project led to more opportunities in the film industry, and Shahzoda became popular as an actress. She mostly played leading roles from the beginning, meeting Uzbek celebrities and making connections that would last a lifetime. One of her most successful and memorable projects was From Night to Morning (Tundan tonggacha), a movie where she co-starred with established Uzbek actor Alisher Uzakov. Her character is a young, newly-married, pregnant woman who craves bananas in the middle of the night. She forces her husband to go out to purchase them one night. However, the night turns out to be very long and filled with unexpected adventures. The movie became widely known throughout Uzbekistan, leading to the release of part 2. Later on, Muhammedova kept pursuing her career, getting involved in more projects, and having a role in dozens of films, including Hey Hey Little Girl (Hay hay qizaloq), Stranger Killer (Notanish qotil), and My Heart is Yours (Yuragim seniki).

Today Shahzoda also owns a successful clothing business, Shakhzoda Atelier, where she creates elegant dresses for celebrities and herself to wear at shows. She has presented her work in international fashion competitions and events, representing Uzbekistan by including traditional designs in her clothing lines. Shahzoda won the Line Pret-A-Porter de Luxe award at the Russian Fashion Awards in 2018 with her Tubeteika collection, which took place in Moscow, Russia.

Muhammedova shared her story and plans about Shakhzoda Atelier with her fans from the very beginning when she first rented the place for her fashion house and started renovating and outfitting it. Even now, after years of being in business, she gets involved with the whole dressmaking process and constantly shares her team’s hard work on her Instagram page. Moreover, Shahzoda offers sewing and designing courses in the Shakhzoda Atelier, where she works with students individually, sharing her valuable knowledge.

Shahzoda’s wedding in 2018 to businessman Marat Khairullaevich, whom she met in Moscow at the Russian Fashion Awards that same year, was one of the most talked about and memorable events of that time. She surprised her fans with the engagement news, and then had an enormous wedding filled with celebrities. Afterward, the newlyweds had to move to Moscow, where they lived for a year because of Marat’s business. However, it was difficult since their families and Shahzoda’s career were in Uzbekistan, so they returned.

The couple welcomed a child in 2020. Pictures of their daughter, Milana, from vacations have been constantly shared on different social media platforms. Shahzoda named her 2021 clothing collection after her daughter, devoting it to families and designing clothes for kids and adults.

Shahzoda has also released songs like “Shakarim,” “Sevgi Yoq,” and “Devonang.” Because of Shahzoda’s popularity in various areas of show business and her sweet personality, other celebrities were happy to feature her songs and support her in everything she does.

Muhammedova has been an ambassador of various Uzbek and international brands for years, the biggest ones being Dena, an Uzbek juice brand, and South Korean electronics maker Samsung. During an interview, it was mentioned that besides having a busy schedule, most of the days she dedicates time to photoshoots and commercials. She is very active on Instagram and uses her page to advertise new products for those companies as well.

Nowadays, Muhammedova is focusing on hosting fashion shows, concerts, and weddings; taking care of the Shakhzoda Atelier; spending time with her family. She says that her daily schedule does not include time to rest, making her get little sleep and having no time to cook for her family. Since getting married, she has not been seen in the film industry, which has been one of the most discussed topics in shows and interviews featuring her. Shahzoda mentioned that her husband does not support her getting roles where she is someone else’s partner. However, she wants to keep acting and is looking forward to continuing her career in the future.

Shahzoda Muhammedova had her entire wedding livestreamed. You can watch it here:

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