Mumiy Troll / Мумий Тролль

Mumiy Troll   is a rock, alt rock, and Britpop band founded in Vladivostok, Russia in 1983. The band’s name is a play on words, specifically on Moomin Troll , which is a series of Finnish children’s books. The band has a unique sound and style that, it seems, most people either really like or really […]


Lumen is a Russian rock, alt rock, and punk band formed on February 12, 1998 in Ufa, Russia. Lumen means “light” in Latin. The band consistently uses the English “Lumen” although occasionally some media use the Russified “Люмен.” Current members include Rustem Bulatov (Рустем «Тэм» Булатов), Igor Mamaev (Игорь «Гарик» Мамаев), Yevgeni Trishin (Евгений «Шмель» […]


This Russian pop-rock and soft rock duo, formed in 2003, is actually named after American actress Uma Thurman. They typically write their band name with the (mostly) Latin letters as above, but occasionally one sees their name Russified as “УмаТурман” in Russian. Brothers Sergei and Vladimir Kristovski, who comprise the band, site a long-held adoration […]

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