Chaif / Чайф

Chaif (Чайф) is a Russian rock band originally from Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). The name is a play on the Russian words for “tea” (chai, чай) and the slang for “pleasure” (kaif, кайф). Chaif saw national fame in the early 1990s with hits like “Don’t Rush” (“Не спеши”) and “17,” and they are still well known […]

Aleksandr Rozenbaum / Александр Розенбаум

Aleksandr Rozenbaum (Александр Розенбаум) is a Russian/Soviet bard, singer-songwriter, and poet who is widely known across Russia. His songs—there are more than 800 of them—have been popular for decades, and he has won many Shanson of the Year and other awards. He was born in 1951 in St. Petersburg to parents who worked in medicine. […]

Alla Pugachova / Алла Пугачёва

Alla Pugachova (Алла Пугачёва) is a classic Russian pop artist, actress and competition judge, and was arguably the most successful Soviet performer from the 1970s until the Soviet collapse. Pugachova was born April 15, 1949 in Moscow, Russia. At the age of 5, her parents enrolled her in music school. By the time she had […]

Aleksandr Dolskiy / Александр Дольский

Aleksandr Dolskiy (Александр Дольский) is a Russian bard, along the lines of Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, and others. He is a guitar player and actor in addition to a singer-songwriter. His songs have less of a folk style than do those of some bards—his musical education was extensive, and his songs display a high degree […]

Voskresnie / Воскресение

Voskresnie (Воскресение) is a Russian rock group which has existed in two distinct incarnations. The first lasted from 1979 to 1982; the second, after a long hiatus, started in 1994 and continues to the present day. Voskresenie’s sound has ranged over the years from rhythm-and-blues to blues to psychedelic rock. Its name translates to “Sunday” […]

Mashina Vremeni / Машина времени

Mashina Vremeni (Машина времени) was one of the Soviet Union’s pioneering rock bands. Formed in Moscow in 1969, Mashina Vremeni has worked across various genres over the years, and continues to make music today. Their name translates to “Time Machine.” Mashina Vremeni’s eclectic sound, which has ranged from classic rock, to blues, to Beatles-style pop, […]

Crematorium / Крематорий

Crematorium (Крематорий) is a popular rock band in Russia. Headed by vocalist and songwriter Armen Grigoryan (Армен Григорян), who founded the band in Moscow in 1983, its sound ranges from blues to psychedelic to classic rock and Grigoryan’s lyrics often deal with the fantastic, such as the possibility of life after death. In the beginning, […]

Aria / Ария

Aria (Ария) was one of Russia’s first heavy metal bands, and the very first to reach large scale commercial success in Russia. Dubbed the “Russian Iron Maiden” by the media, Aria was at peak success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Aria was formed in 1985 by Holstinin and Alik Granovsky as a side […]

Secret / Секрет

Secret (Секрет) was a very popular band during the Soviet era. They still occasionally tour and perform their old hits today. Secret was founded in 1982 in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad), when two of the original four members, Maksim Leonidov (vocals, guitar, keyboard) and Nikolay Fomenko (vocals, bass guitar), met at the Leningrad State Institute […]

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