Melnitsa / Мельница

Melnitsa (Мельница; translates as Windmill) is a Celtic folk rock group from Russia. Founded by Natalia O’Shea, whose stage name is Hellawes, the group’s current members are Aleksey Orlov (electric violin, violin, mandolin), Aleksey Kozhanov (bass guitar, acoustic guitar), Dmitriy Frolov (drums), Sergey Vishnyakov (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backup vocals), Dmitriy Kargin (flute), and O’Shea […]

Natalia O’Shea / Наталья О’Шей (Hellawes / Хелависа)

Natalia O’Shea (Наталья Андреевна О’Шей) performs self-composed Celtic folk rock in Russian. She has released music as part of the popular folk band Melnitsa (Мельница) and as a solo artist under her stage name Hellawes (Хелависа). She is also a linguist and a specialist in Celtic languages. Hellawes studied piano at music school, but her […]

Elena Pogrebizhskaya / Елена Погребижская (Butch / Бучч)

Elena Pogrebizhskaya (Елена Погребижская), is a Russian singer, documentary filmmaker, and writer. Pogrebizhskaya was born in northwest Russia but has spent most of her life in Moscow. Her musical education consisted of music school and singing in a church choir. She started out as a television journalist, but in 2001 she began to concentrate on […]

Кино / Kino

Кино/Kino was one of the most popular Soviet rock groups of the 1980s and 1990s. Influenced by Western bands like R.E.M., The Cure, The Smiths, and Joy Division, Kino became a touchstone for Soviet and Russian rock, punk, and alternative music. Largely the brainchild of frontman Viktor Tsoi, Kino’s music was known for its accessible, […]

Brainstrom / Prāta Vētra

Brainstrom/ Prāta Vētra is a Latvian pop group. Originally formed in 1989, they have released a number of albums in Latvia, Russia, and internationally, singing in Latvian, Russian, and English. Renārs Kaupers (vocals), Jānis Jubalts (guitar), Gundars Mauševics (bass), Kaspars Roga (drums) and Māris Mihelsons (accordion, piano), met while still in school and started the […]

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