13th Precinct

13th Precinct / 13 Posterunek

Published: March 12, 2017

13th Precinct (13 Posterunek) is a Polish sitcom/police procedural. It aired on and off between 1997 and 2000, with a total of two seasons and about 80 half-hour episodes.

The series takes place in a police station on the outskirts of Warsaw, and centers around a team of not exactly brilliant detectives. The main character is Deputy Cezary “Czarek” Cezary, who’s both unpleasant and not a particularly good policeman. He’s constantly at odds with the station’s captain, Władysław “Władek” Słoik, who—despite the fact that he only got his position through nepotism—dislikes him and is always trying to get rid of him. The other major plot thread of the first season involves Sr. Deputy Kasia, another detective and the main female character. She is in love with Czarek, but he is dating Jola, who works as a prostitute. The other characters include various other police officers and Czarek’s sisters. All the episodes except two take place solely at the police station.

The show has very good viewer ratings and is often praised for its humor, with various online reviewers declaring it one of the funniest Polish shows ever. Cezary Pazura, the actor who plays Czarek, is very popular in Poland both as an actor and as a standup comedian—and for his YouTube channel. He’s won Golden Duck awards (Złota Kaczka—long-running Polish film awards given out by the magazine Film) for Best Actor three times, and has acted in an enormous number of Polish films. He also regularly does voiceover work, including in the Polish versions of Ice Age and Alice in Wonderland (he took Johnny Depp’s part). He also used to work as a singer occasionally and has one album, released in 1999.


Director: Maciej Ślesicki
Stars: Cezary Pazura, Marek Perepeczko, Aleksandra Woźniak, Marek Walczewski, Joanna Sienkiewicz, Piotr Zelt, Paweł Burczyk, Dorota Chotecka, Agnieszka Włodarczyk
Production companies: Heritage Films, Canal+
TV channel: Canal+ Polska


From Cezary Pazura’s official YouTube channel, a video about 13 Posterunek:

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