Author: Alaina DeLeo

Active Fun in Irkutsk

Irkutsk is a fabulous location for those that love being outside. The city is a college town, filled with youthful energy and lots of great outdoor spaces. There are many places to take daytrips to that afford rustic experiences, but also lots of opportunity to be active inside the city, moving your body while building […]

2 Places to Try Central Asian in Irkutsk

The USSR brought together a number of culinary traditions and Russia’s current restaurant scene still reflects the popularity of many of those foods in Russia today. Continued migration from former Soviet states in Eastern Europe, the Caucausus, and Central Asia also helps not only keep these traditions alive in Russia, but also add to the […]

Seven Very Different Lunches In Irkutsk

Many students report, after a while, feeling a bit worn down by eating in the university cafeterias. The food there is generally quite good and certainly convenient. However, after a while, one feels the need to stike out and find something new to tempt the senses. Below are seven great options recommended by SRAS students […]

Shopping in Irkutsk

While Irkutsk is a very affordable city there are still many ways to shop that can save money while maintaining quality. I am very frugal and am able to stay within my budget every week while still being able to get some shopping in. There is a wide range of shopping centers and little shops […]

Zvezdny Bowling Center in Irkutsk

The Zvezdny Bowling Center is located in the center of Irkutsk, at Декабрьских Событий, 102/1, not far from the university. While my friends and I were just there for the bowling, there is also an attached movie theatre that looks clean, nice, and inexpensive. The bowling center is very clean and has the same interior […]