Author: Eric Nesbitt

Ice Skating at the National Stadium, Warsaw

Being away from home on the holiday season can be tough, especially when you are in a foreign country. To counter the blues felt by this, my friends and I decided to strap on ice skates at the National Stadium in Warsaw where they were hosting festive ice skating! In this article I’ll share background […]

5 Places for the Best Pierogi in Warsaw

What’s the best way to warm up and spend a free evening in Warsaw? In my opinion, nothing is better than finding a small pierogarnia (pierogi restaurant) and sitting down to a plate of delicious pierogi, hot beer, and good company. Poland and pierogi are practically synonymous – and for good reason. Pierogi, often rendered […]

Running in Warsaw

Running is one of the oldest forms of exercise there is and for good reason: it’s cheap and easy (to understand, hard to do sometimes). It’s also an amazing way to explore a brand-new city. When I came to Warsaw, Poland I was excited to put some rubber to the road. In this article I’ll […]