Author: Greg Tracey

Guide to Russian Supermarkets

Russian supermarkets have been a great success story of the post-Soviet economy. Several large chains and holding companies have been built and, most importantly, Russian supermarkets have built up the supply chains to provide Russians with an ever-increasing diversity of produce and other groceries. The following short introductions to some of the largest chains of […]

Russian Retail Foods: A Guide to Grocery Brands in Russia

Heading abroad means meeting new people, discovering new ideas, and encountering a lot of new brands. What Russian brands are you likely to find in a Russian grocery store? For Americans studying abroad in Russia, this may be one of your only times to try these delicacies – as they are often only available at […]

Yandex / Яндекс

Yandex (Russian: Яндекс) is often known as “Russia’s Google.” However, while it started as a mere search engine, it has expanded into much more than that. Arkadiy Volozh founded the company in 1999. At the time, he paid thousands of dollars for a four gigabyte (4 GB) hard drive to start the company’s public operations. […]