Author: James Taylor

5 Places to Try St. Petersburg’s Trendy Food Culture

St. Petersburg abounds in small, cute cafes. These often offer specialty food items and comfortable, attractive, quiet interiors. Here are five places that SRAS students have found to try some of St. Petersburg burgening European food culture! Vaffel & Wine Гороховая, 41 When I first walked by a heart-shaped waffle sign reading “Vaffel & Wine”, […]

Flea Market & Rynoks in St. Petersburg, Russia

The market, known as a “рынок” in Russian, has a special place in Russian history. The market was a bastion of privately produced and sold goods that allowed under the USSR and allowed people access to hard-to-find goods, usually of the food sort. In the 1990s, the market was a booming enterprise, full of private […]