Little Big

Little Big has topped charts and headlines with their provocative style of rave music with pop, hip hop, punk, and EDM elements. The group calls itself a “satirical art collaboration” and is known as much for its catchy music as its infectious dancing and shockingly bright, brutalist videos. Often funny, occasionally inflammatory, Little Big is […]

Max Barskih

Max Barskih (Макс Барских) is a Ukrainian pop singer who has grown in popularity in recent years. His first performance was in 2008 on a Ukrainian television show called Star Factory 2.[1] Two years later, he was named best Ukrainian performer by the MTV Europe Music Awards. He is 30 years old but has already […]


Dimitry Monatyk, known as “Monatik,” (often spelled with Latin letters) is a Ukrainian dancer and singer-songwriter that performs primarily in Russian, and occasionally in English and/or Ukrainian. Born in northwestern Ukrainian city of Lutsk, 1986, Monatik was a member of the Lutsk Breakdance Crew (DBS Crew) from 2000 until 2006. In 2003 he joined the […]

Neuromonakh Feofan / Нейромонах Феофан

Neuromonakh Feofan (Нейромонах Феофан) is a mysterious and extraordinary product of the Russian club scene. The name “Neuromonakh” is derived from “Neurofunk,” a subgenre of drum and bass, and the Russian word for “monk.” The band sings exclusively in Russian, but mixes contemporary language with obsolete words and Old Church Slavonic to create epic verses […]

Verka Serduchka / Верка Сердючка

Controversial, bizarre, and talented, there is no one quite like Ukrainian singer/comedian/actor/drag queen Verka Serduchka (Верка Сердючка). Serduchka is the drag persona of Andriy Danylko (Андрій Данилко) and frequently performs and sings at concerts and in films. Danylko himself is a wide-ranging actor, composer, singer, and performer who was born in Poltava, Ukraine, to rural roots. […]

Iryna Bilyk / Ірина Білик

Iryna Bilyk is a highly celebrated Ukrainian singer/songwriter and entertainer from Kyiv. Mainly a composer of ballads and dance pop, she has released albums in her native Ukrainian as well as Russian and Polish. Her impressive commercial success in Ukraine, fueled in large part by her ability to adapt to the changing popular music landscape, won […]

Dantes and Oleynik / Дантес и Олейник

Dantes and Oleynik (Дантес и Олейник) were a Ukrainian dance-pop duo; they met in 2008 while competing on a reality TV/music competition in Ukraine called Star Factory 2 (Фабрика Звёзд–2). They quickly became friends on set and continued to collaborate beyond their television experience. In 2010, they recorded their one and only studio album, I’m Already […]

Band’Eros / Банд’Эрос

Band’Eros (Банд’Эрос) is a Russian R&B/hip-hop group that was founded in Moscow in 2005. The band’s name is a purposeful play on words – calling to mind both “banderos” – a Spanish word for an outlaw and “Band Eros” – referring to a certain sexuality within the group. The original members were Batishta (Kirill Petrov/Батишта, […]

Infinity / Инфинити

Infinity (Инфинити—not a real word in Russian) is a Russian electronic/dance group. It was formed in 2007 by Tanya Bondarenko (Таня Бондаренко) and Aleksey Kutuzov (Алексей Кутузов). Before that, the two had created similar music under the name Black and White (Чёрное и Белое), without achieving much success. Bondarenko sings and writes songs; Kutuzov composes […]

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