Car-Man / Кар-мэн

Car-Man (Кар-мэн) is a Russian techno-pop band, which reached peak popularity in the early nineties. Known as much for their dance moves as their music, the original lineup consisted of Bogdan Titomir (Богдан Титомир) and Sergei Lemokh (Сергей Лемох), and continues today as a solo project of Lemokh. Titomir and Lemokh met when they were […]

Delfin / Дельфин

Delfin (Дельфин, eng. Dolphin) is the stage name of Andrei Lysikov (Андрей Вячеславович Лысиков), a popular Russian musician who plays experimental electronic music. He has often been compared with Moby. Lysikov got his start in the scandalous 90s hip-hop trio Bachelor Party (Мальчишник), where he was the main songwriter. As Delfin, Lysikov has received numerous […]

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