Alternative is a blanket term that applies to variety of genres that formed as the music world worked to digest the disruptive effects of punk and electronic music. Some of the diverse subgenres that emerged include grunge, indie-rock, and emo. Alternative keeps rock’s emphasis on guitar and drums, but generally distorts them or replaces them with a synthesized equivalent. The main emphasis is on personal expression and creating an original sound. In Eurasia, these styles are likely to be heavily influenced by bardic, folk, and/or punk and are not uncommonly marked by witty lyrics or arrangements.

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Gilza / Гильzа

Gilza (Гильzа) is a contemporary Russian rock band fronted by Lesya Gismatulina (Леся Гисматулина). Gismatulina has quickly risen to prominence as one of the leading rock vocalists in Russia, and was nominated for Best Soloist by Nashe Radio in 2016. As a group, Gilza is enjoying a lot of popular success as well, having recently […]

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