Published: October 10, 2017

Lubelska is a major Polish vodka producer. The company uses purely natural ingredients to create both clear vodka and vodka-based flavored liqueur in Poland. In lieu of artificial flavorings, Lubelska soaks fruit with their vodka during the distilling process, giving their drinks a somewhat cloudy appearance.

Known among Poles for generations, Lubelska’s most popular offerings include Cytrynówka (Lemon) and Wiśniówka (Cherry), as well as a clear vodka called Trzy Zboża (Three Grains). It is commonly taken as a shot or in fruit juice based mixed drinks.

Previously owned by Polmoa Lublin, the distillery was nationalized under communism. It now belongs to the Stock Spirits Group, a United Kingdom-based spirits company that produces and distributes spirits in Central and Eastern Europe. From 2010 to 2011, Lubelska was the world’s fastest growing liqueur, and in 2014, Lubelska became the largest vodka-based flavored liqueur brand in Poland.


An ode to Lubelska by the Polish band Świderile:

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