Milos Bikovic

Milos Bikovic: Serbian Actor and Producer

Published: September 3, 2022

Milos Bikovic (Милош Бикович) is a Serbian and Russian film actor, theatrical performer, and producer. He is best known for his roles in modern Russian films and TV serials.

Born on 13 January 1988 in Belgrade, he became a Russian citizen in 2021 after living and working there for many years. Milos acted in national theater and won awards in Serbia before taking off in the Russian industry.

His parents divorced when he was six months old, so he grew up with his mother, Maria, and older brother, Mihail. Mihail became an Orthodox monk and Milos is religious as well and visits churches often, saying that it is essential for him. Unfortunately, while growing up, he had to become responsible at an early age because of the region they lived in. Milos was using public transportation when he was eight, during the fall of Yugoslavia, and active military operations were taking place in Serbian territory. When he was 11, they had to hide in a bomb shelter with his mother and brother.

Bikovic started his career as a show host at the Serbian kids’ TV broadcast when he was 13 years old. In 2004, he played a role in The Dollars are Coming series. Later, he studied Dramatic Art at the Belgrade University of Arts, where only 12 out of 400 students were accepted. He is currently doing his Ph.D. at the same university.

Milos became famous in 2010 after his leading character role in a well-known Serbian movie Montevideo: God Bless You (Монтевидео: Божественное видение). The movie is based on the true story of what happened when the Yugoslavian soccer team aspired, in 1930, to participate in the first FIFA World Cup. His character was a soccer player named Alexander Tirnanicha, who built the Yugoslavian team. At Moscow’s 2011 film festival, Bikovic presented the film and there met Oscar-winning director, Nikita Mihalkov, who helped him expand his career to Russia. The actor stated that Mihalkov’s desire to work on projects together was very unexpected and honorable.

Their first joint project, the film Sunstroke (Солнечный удар) of 2014, directed by Nikita Mihalkov, was released featuring Bikovic, which opened the door to him to other famous Russian projects like Duhless 2 (Духless 2), Ice (Лёд), Balkan Frontier (Балканский рубеж), Kholop (Холоп), and the Hotel Belgrade (Отель Белград). He also gained roles in several successful tv series including Hotel Eleon (Отель Элеон), Grand (Гранд), and Wings of the Empire (Крылья Империи). Hotel Eleon, Grand, and Hotel Belgrade were sequels to the hit show Kitchen (Кухня), which is often compared to Friends by the Russian public. His role is Pavel, the nephew of Eleonora Andreevna, the owner of Eleon. He is a spoiled rich guy who seems to care about only partying at first but shows how broken he really is in later episodes while running the Eleon hotel.

For Hotel Belgrade, he debuted as a producer as well. Moreover, in 2019, he became a member of the producer group of the show named Tesla, a biographical drama about the famous Nikola Tesla.

Milos Bikovic has won various awards throughout the years, gaining more popularity and appreciation for his talent, actions, and looks. In 2011, Montevideo, the first Serbian film he became known for, allowed Milos to get an award for the best lead role in the MTV Adria Movie Awards and at the Niš Film Festival. In 2011 and 2012, the Serbian magazine Hello named him their “Person of the Year.” He also received a Croatian theater award, the “Marul,” for the best lead role in the stage play My Son Only Walks a Little Slower. Other impressive awards he has received were not related to his acting skills but his overall contributions to culture. In 2014, The Cultural and Educational Union of Serbia recognized him for his “cultural achievements in the performances of the Belgrade Drama Theater” and awarded him the Golden Badge of Serbia for cultural contributions. In 2018, he received a Pushkin Medal Russia for strengthening the friendship and cooperation between peoples, fruitful activities in rapprochement, and mutual enrichment of the cultures of nations and nationalities.

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