Patryk Kumór

Patryk Kumór (also known as Spectre) is a Polish pop singer and songwriter based in Warsaw who rapidly rose to fame during the 2013 season of Polsat’s Must Be the Music talent show. In May, 2014 he released his debut solo album 13, and a year later a second album, 2/2, which the Polish Society of […]

Agnieszka Chylińska

Agnieszka Chylińska is a Polish singer, songwriter, TV personality, and member of the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (Związek Producentów Audio-Video, ZPAV) known for her high-energy live performances. Though her music is largely styled as dance/pop, her abrasive vocals set her apart from contemporary artists. Chylińska was born on May 23, 1976 in Gdansk, […]

Fryderyk Awards

The Fryderyk is the most important annual Polish music award for the modern Polish popular music industry. It’s presented in April, and is comparable to the American Grammy award. The Fryderyk was officially created in 1994 by the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (Związek Producentów Audio-Video, ZPAV). Presented for the first time in 1995, […]

Mieczysław Szcześniak

Mieczysław Szcześniak is a highly prolific Polish singer and songwriter. A trained jazz musician, he has explored a large variety of popular music styles throughout his almost 30-year career on the Polish music scene. From singing standard pop ballads to mixing Caribbean rhythms with Slavic folk harmonies, Szcześniak has garnered wide critical acclaim in his native Poland […]

Janek Samołyk

Janek Samołyk is a singer-songwriter from Wrocław, Poland. He’s worked as a solo artist since 2008, singing in both English and his native Polish. His compositions tend to be heavily influenced by ’60s-era British folk and pop and modern indie rock. Although a relatively young artist, Samołyk has recorded three full-length albums to date, achieved critical […]

Mela Koteluk

Mela Koteluk (real name Malwina) is an up-and-coming Polish indie pop singer. Originally from Sulechów, in far western Poland, she has been performing since 2002, though only released her first album in 2012. Before Koteluk started her solo career, she collaborated with some impressive Polish artists—Gaba Kulka, most notably, and also the band Scorpions, for […]


T.Love is a Polish rock/pop band that was founded in 1982 in Częstochowa. Originally called Teenage Love Alternative, they chose an interesting time to start the band—during martial law. The four original members, Zygmunt (Muniek) Staszczyk (vocals, bass), Janusz Knorowski (electric guitar), Dariusz Zajaç (keyboard), and Jacek Wudecki (drums), were all in high school together, […]

Krystyna Prońko

Krystyna Prońko is a Polish singer who mainly performs jazz. Born in Gorzów Wielkopolski, a small city in the far west of Poland, Prońko did not start out intending to become a singer: her first degree is in chemical analysis, and she worked in this field for some time. Her first professional musical endeavor was […]

Andrzej Zaucha

Andrzej Zaucha was a Polish singer and musician who died in 1991 at the age of 42. Born in Krakow, Zaucha was not trained as a musician. He competed successfully in canoeing nationwide as a teenager, winning some medals at the Polish Championships in the 1960s. He soon switched his attention to music, joining the […]

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