Author: Brendan Stohler

Morgenshtern – Outrageously Lasting YouTube Rap Popularity

In the past decade, no other musician has been able to so rapidly capture and hold the attention of Russian youths like Morgenshtern. Similar to controversial American rappers such as 6ix9ine, Lil Pump, and XXXtentacion, Morgenshtern got face tattoos early in his career and made his appearance outlandish, was overly hedonistic, and purposely sought out […]

Mnogoznaal: Proud Provincial Russian Rap

What makes Mnogoznaal’s music compelling to non native Russian speakers are the unusually immersive atmospheric soundscapes that he creates. The trance-like backdrops to the beats clearly stem from a cloud rap influence and he mixes this with distinctly traditional Slavic aesthetics. Where American producers often search for soul and gospel samples, integrating them as elements […]

The Story Of Scriptonite: Kazakhstan Arrives in Russian-Language Hip Hop

Scriptonite’s vocal style is unusual. Sometimes he raps or sings, but other times he shouts or goes into a sort of bizarre whaling that sounds like he is crying. This may come across at times as comical to outsiders, but to a fan of the music, this gives it a sort of relatability marked by […]

Burger King Russia: Dirty Jokes, Big Burgers, and Fast Food Success

Burger King is a relative newcomer to the Russian fast food market. While other fast food giants opened stores in 1990s, the first Burger King in Russia opened in Moscow only in January, 2010. However, as of 2019, the last time that official information was released, the franchise in Russia was already valued at around […]