Author: Zachary Hicks

Northern Fleet / Северный Флот

Northern Fleet (Северный Флот) is a contemporary Russian rock band. Formed in 2013 by members of the seminal King and Jester (Король и Шут) after the death of frontman Mikhail Gorshenov (Михаил Гошенов), Nothern Fleet plays a distinctive brand of rock influenced by metal, industrial, and hardcore punk. Northern Fleet annouced their formation as a band […]


Casual is a contemporary Russian rock group. Started in 2009, Casual has seen quite a bit of success, with a number of singles climbing the Nashe Radio charts, as well as four successful albums: Inside (Инсайд), People Always Went (Все время люди шли), 242 Grams (242 грамма), and Be Quiet (Сделай тише). The group has played […]


Republika was an influential Polish rock back originally from Torun. Founded in 1978 by Jann Castor vel Wieslaw Rucsinski as Res Publica (Rzecz Pospolita), the band faced censorship from the start from the Polish communist government and changed their name to Republika. Kris Caputa, currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, came up with the band’s name […]


Armia is a popular Polish punk band that also incorporates elements of hard-core, gothic rock, reggae metal, symphonic rock, and jazz into their style. It’s been an important band for the Polish scene since the 1980s, and vocalist Thomas Budzyński has been the main consistent member since that time. Always holding a controversial place in the Polish alternative […]


5’nizza (pronounced “Pyatnitsa,” Russian for “Friday”) is a Russian duet who plays across the genres of hip-hop, reggae, and funk. Originally from Kharkiv, 5’nizza existed from 2000 until 2007 and then, after a long hiatus, re-formed in 2015. They have played shows around Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the United States. 5’nizza consists of Sergei Babkin […]


KSU is a seminal Polish punk rock band, originally formed in 1978 in the city of Ustrzyki Dolne. (The name KSU comes from the city code on license plates from the Ustrzyki Dolne area.) The group has been going strong for more than thirty years, with eleven official albums and a slew of pirated and bootlegged […]

Patrick the Pan

Patrick the Pan is a Polish soft rock band consisting of frontman Piotr Madej, Justyn Małodobry, Kuba Duda, and Adam Stępniowski. The band’s first album was composed, recorded, and performed entirely by Madej. Patrick the Pan’s music is soft and sad, as well as artfully composed. In Madej’s own words, their songs are “sad songs. […]

Lao Che

Lao Che is a Polish rock band that plays a crossover of alternative rock, punk, ska, ambient, and folk. Lao Che was formed in 1999 by former members of the seminal Polish band Koli. The band’s popularity grew quickly after the release of their album Warsaw Uprising (Powstanie Warszkawskie), a concept album that was nominated for a […]


Skubas is the stage name of Radosław Skubaja (formerly known as Sqbass and MC Sqbass), a Polish musician. As Skubas, Skubaja performs acoustic guitar songs that straddle the line between folk and grunge. Skubas is known for his unique and distinctive voice, as well as his grungy guitar riffs and melancholy lyrics. Born in 1981, […]


Daab is a long-running Polish reggae band. Originally from Warsaw, the band formed in 1982 and still actively tours today, having reached something of a cult status in Poland. The band was originally named Daab—Muzyka serc (“music of the heart”). Daab’s original lineup consisted of Dariusz Gierszewski, Andrzej Zeńczewski, Artur Miłoszewski, and Piotr Strojnowski, who […]


Turbo is one of Poland’s most important metal bands. The band was formed in Poznań in 1980 by Henryk Tomczak, formerly of the pioneering Polish hard rock bands Stress and Heam. Turbo’s album Satan’s Cavalry (Kawaleria Szatana, 1986) is considered something of a magnum opus of Polish heavy metal. Turbo’s intial lineup consisted of Tomczak […]


2Tm2,3 (also known as Tymoteusz) is a Polish Christian metal band. Their name refers to the Bible, verse 2 of Timothy 2:3 (“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”). The band is made up of members of various top Polish heavy metal and alternative rock bands, including Acid Drinkers, Flapjack, Armia, […]

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