Author: Zachary Hicks

Igor Krutoy: Performer, Producer

Igor Krutoy (Игорь Яковлевич Крутой) is a Ukrainian-born Russian composer, music producer, and promoter. He has been named a People’s Artist of Russia (Народный артист России) in 1996 and a People’s Artist of Ukraine (Народный артист Украина) in 2011. He publishes bands under his eponymously titled label. Born in 1954 in the city of Gaivoron […]

Svetlana Surganova / Светлана Сурганова

Svetlana Surganova (Светлана Яковлена Сурганова) is a Russian singer, musician, soloist, poet, and band leader most famous for her role in the Night Snipers (Ночные снайперы, 1993–2002) and as leader of the group Surganova and Orchestra (Сурганова и оркестр). Surganova, born in 1968, is originally from Leningrad and started to write songs at the age […]

U-Piter / Ю-Питер

U-Piter (Ю-Питер) is a Russian rock band formed in 2001 by Vyacheslav Butusov (Вячеслав Бутусов), who is best known for the popular Soviet rock band Nautilus Pompilius (Наутилус Помпилиус). The band usually writes their name in the Greek alphabet, to cement their connection to the god Jupiter (… who is Roman, but the point still […]

Timur Rodriguez / Тимур Родригез

Timur Rodriguez (Тимур Родригез, also often written as T-moor Rodriguez) is a Russian DJ, singer, actor, and TV personality. Timur is known especially as the host of various popular music television shows, as well as a participant in the show Comedy Club. He often goes by his first name only professionally. Born in Penza, Russia, […]

Skalpel / Skaльпель

Skalpel (Skaльпель) is a Russian ska band hailing from Moscow. They are one of Russia’s best known bands playing old-school ska. Skalpel have made a mark on the international scene as well, playing shows with seminal bands like Bad Manners, The Beat, The Toasters, Be Nuts, Dr. Ring-Ding, Valkyrians, and others. They have released material […]

Male Factors

Male Factors is a Russian ska-punk band with a strong chanson influence. Their lyrics generally deal with criminality and drinking, and they were signed to Hobgoblin Records, a label notoriously owned by a former hacker and black marketer. They sang in Russian, English, Spanish, and German. They use the English name consistently. The band started […]

Zemfira / Земфира

Zemfira (Земфира) is the stage name of Zemfira Talgatovna Ramazanova (Земфира Талгатовна Рамазанова), a Russian rock musician originally from Ufa, Bashkortostan. Zemfira has sold more than three million records over the course of her career, and continues to be popular in Russia and the former Soviet Republics. Zemfira was influenced from an early age by rock […]

The Night Snipers / Ночные снайперы

The Night Snipers (Ночные снайперы) is a Russian alternative rock band originally formed in 1993. The band began as an acoustic duo consisting of Diana Arbenina (Диана Сергеевна Арбенина) on guitar and Svetlana Surganova (Светлана Яковлевна Сурганова) on violin. The Night Snipers’ songs are often poetic compositions, many of which feature the work of famous […]

Posle 11 / После 11

Posle 11 (После 11, After 11) is a Russian folk-pop group, originally hailing from Saratov. The band got their start in 1999 when three Saratov Conservatory students—Yuri Postarnakov (Юрий Постарнаков), Andrei Zverev (Андрей Зверев), and Nikolai Feoktistov (Николай Феоктистов)—participated in a song competition in honor of Aleksandr Pushkin’s 200th birthday. Their song “Little Star” (“Звёздочка”) […]

Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii / Смысловые галлюцинации

Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii (Смысловые галлюцинации) is a Russian alt-rock band from Yekaterinburg whose sound has evolved from straightforward punk rock to, in recent years, more experimental works that sound closer to post-punk or indie. The band’s name translates to “meaningful hallucinations.” Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii formed in 1989, at the end of the Soviet period, but did not […]

Chaif / Чайф

Chaif (Чайф) is a Russian rock band originally from Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). The name is a play on the Russian words for “tea” (chai, чай) and the slang for “pleasure” (kaif, кайф). Chaif saw national fame in the early 1990s with hits like “Don’t Rush” (“Не спеши”) and “17,” and they are still well known […]

Elizium / Элизиум

Elizium (Элизиум) is a Russian ska-punk band from Nizhny Novgorod. Elizium plays across a number of genres, including ska, reggae, and metal, from which they have derived their own genre, which they call “space-rock” (“космос-рок”). Their name is taken from an ancient Greek conception of the afterlife. Elizium has  played with a number of well-known […]

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