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Distemper is a Russian ska-punk band known for their combination of straightforward punk rhythms with danceable ska parts. Starting out in 1989 as a hardcore punk band, Distemper transitioned to their current ska sound around 1995. They consistently use a version of their name written in Latin characters. The band was formed in 1989 in […]

Ruki Vverkh! / Руки Вверх!

Ruki Vverkh! (Руки Вверх!) is a Russian electronic pop group who takes their name from the ubiquitous DJ command for people to “get their hands in the air.”  The group’s name suits their musical style, which blends high-energy electronic pop with samples and aspects of world music. This popular group once worked as official spokesmen […]

Russkii Razmer / Русский Размер

Russkii Razmer (Русский Размер, Eng: “Russian Size”) is a Russian electronic group whose music falls somewhere among techno, trance, synth-pop and eurodance. The band has had a number of hits and is much loved in the Russian electronic music festival circuit. Russkii Razmer formed official in 1993, but founding members Dmitri Kopotilov (Дмитри Копотлив) and […]


DJ M.E.G. is a popular Russian DJ, producer, and choreographer. M.E.G. stands for the artist’s initials, his full name being Eduard Georgievich Magaev (Эдуард Георгиевич Магаев). DJ M.E.G. has worked with the likes of Timati and David Guetta, among others, and his sound is known around the world for its upbeat, poppy vibes. Magaev comes […]

Car-Man / Кар-мэн

Car-Man (Кар-мэн) is a Russian techno-pop band, which reached peak popularity in the early nineties. Known as much for their dance moves as their music, the original lineup consisted of Bogdan Titomir (Богдан Титомир) and Sergei Lemokh (Сергей Лемох), and continues today as a solo project of Lemokh. Titomir and Lemokh met when they were […]

Delfin / Дельфин

Delfin (Дельфин, eng. Dolphin) is the stage name of Andrei Lysikov (Андрей Вячеславович Лысиков), a popular Russian musician who plays experimental electronic music. He has often been compared with Moby. Lysikov got his start in the scandalous 90s hip-hop trio Bachelor Party (Мальчишник), where he was the main songwriter. As Delfin, Lysikov has received numerous […]

Timati & Black Star Records

Timati (Тимати) is the stage name of one of Russia’s biggest mainstream hip hop stars, and owner of the popular record label Black Star Inc. Born Timir Il’darovich Iunosov (Тимур Ильдарович Юнусов), Timati is of Tatar and Jewish descent. Timati raps in both Russian and English, and has recently risen to a measure of international […]


T-Killah is the stage name of Aleksandr Ivanovich Tarasov (Александр Иванович Тарасов), a Russian rapper who has gained a substantial following mostly through internet-only releases. The social networking site VKontakte is one of T-Killah’s main platforms, though he has also released two physical albums. Tarasov grew up in Moscow, studied economics, theater, and music, and […]

Noize MC

Noize MC is the stage name of Russian rapper Ivan Aleksandrovich Alekseev (Иван Александрович Алексеев). Aside from his music, Noize MC has become known in recent years as a vocal critic of the Russian authorities and particularly of Russia’s 2014 intervention in Ukraine, which has resulted in many of his shows being cancelled or raided […]

Guf / Гуф

Guf (Гуф) is the stage name of Russian rapper Aleksei Sergeevich Dolmatov (Алексей Сергеевич Долматов) . Guf was a founding member of the seminal hip hop group Centr (Центр), has had an extremely prolific solo career, and founded the labels ZM Nation and Tsao (Цао) Records. Guf entered the rap world in 2000 as part […]

Voskresnie / Воскресение

Voskresnie (Воскресение) is a Russian rock group which has existed in two distinct incarnations. The first lasted from 1979 to 1982; the second, after a long hiatus, started in 1994 and continues to the present day. Voskresenie’s sound has ranged over the years from rhythm-and-blues to blues to psychedelic rock. Its name translates to “Sunday” […]

Mashina Vremeni / Машина времени

Mashina Vremeni (Машина времени) was one of the Soviet Union’s pioneering rock bands. Formed in Moscow in 1969, Mashina Vremeni has worked across various genres over the years, and continues to make music today. Their name translates to “Time Machine.” Mashina Vremeni’s eclectic sound, which has ranged from classic rock, to blues, to Beatles-style pop, […]

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