Maciej Maleńczuk

Maciej Maleńczuk is a Polish singer and songwriter who has been active in a wide variety of bands in many different styles—rock, jazz, dance pop—since the 1980s. Maleńczuk grew up in Wojcieszów, Poland, where he attended a sports school and was apparently a far from stellar student. He spent more time listening to American rock […]


Dżem is a Polish band that plays at the border of rock and blues music. It’s considered one of the best-known and most important blues–rock bands, with a prolific history spanning more than thirty different albums. While the band currently has six members, only two of those members, brothers Adam (vocals and guitar) and Benedykt “Beno” (bass […]


Organek (also known as Ørganek) is a Polish contemporary classic-style rock band. It was started in 2013 in the Polish city Torun by singer Tomasz Organek. Organek, who grew up in Suwałki, is a composer and songwriter in addition to a singer—and he studied English philology at university. Organek’s music education was at the Katowice Music […]


Cree is a Polish blues/rock band that was formed in 1993. Its name comes from the Cree, a First Nations tribe in Canada. The founder was Sebastian Riedel (guitar, vocals, harmonica)—incidentally the son of Ryszard Riedel, the lead singer of the legendary group Jam (Dżam)—and he was joined by Sylwester Kramek (guitar) and Adrian Fuchs […]

Czesław Niemen

Czesław Niemen was a distinguished Polish singer-songwriter and rock/folk/jazz/electronica musician who made a name for himself in a variety of genres, instruments, and roles. Niemen was born in a Polish village in what is now Belarus. He studied at a music school in Grodno for a year to study the Russian accordion (баян) when he […]

One, Two, Three / Raz, Dwa, Trzy

One, Two, Three (Raz, Dwa, Trzy) is a Polish band that combines rock, jazz, folk music, and poetry. It was started by Adam Nowak (guitar, vocals), Grzegorz Szwałek (accordion, clarinet, keyboard), Jacek Olejarz (drums), and Jacek Ograbek in 1990, when they were students at the Pedagogical College in Zielona Góra, in western Poland. The group’s […]

Natalia Przybysz

Natalia Przybysz is a Polish singer of R&B, soul, and other genres. Currently working mostly on her solo career under the name Natu, she also collaborates and performs with many other Polish rock, pop, and R&B musicians. Przybysz was drawn to music at an early age, studying the cello at school. She and her sister, […]