Mieczysław Szcześniak

Mieczysław Szcześniak is a highly prolific Polish singer and songwriter. A trained jazz musician, he has explored a large variety of popular music styles throughout his almost 30-year career on the Polish music scene. From singing standard pop ballads to mixing Caribbean rhythms with Slavic folk harmonies, Szcześniak has garnered wide critical acclaim in his native Poland […]


Lombard is a Polish pop-rock band with a history of popularity. Over its history, the band has released 27 albums and 17 singles, altogether building a lasting history of productivity and popularity. The band’s current lineup includes Grzegorz Stróżniak (keyboards, vocals, lead), Marta Cugier (vocals), Daniel Patalas (guitar), Michał Kwapisz (bass guitar), and Mirosław Kamiński […]


Rezerwat (“reserve”) is a Polish rock band that was founded in Łódź, Poland, in 1982. The band is led by Andrzej Adamiak, a composer, songwriter, producer, singer, and bass player. Most of Rezerwat’s music has been and continues to be written by Adamiak. The current lineup of the band includes Adamiak (bass and vocals), Krzysztof […]


IRA is a Polish rock band that was founded in 1987 and still exists today. Its original members were Kuba Płucisz (guitar), Artur Gadowski (vocals), Wojtek Owczarek (drums), Darek Grudzień (bass), and Grzegorz Wawrzeńczyk (keyboards), who on one fine day agreed that they would become rock stars, according to the band’s website. In fact, that […]

The Boys of Paul Street / Chłopcy z Placu Broni

The Boys of Paul Street (Chłopcy z Placu Broni) is a Polish classic rock band formed in 1987 in Krákow by Bogdan Łyszkiewicz. The name of the band is a reference to a Hungarian classic children’s novel about two groups of boys who end up in a territiorial war with one another. Łyszkiewicz was the […]

Tadeusz Wózniak

Tadeusz Wózniak is a Polish musician, composer, and singer. He has performed with various bands over the years as well as written songs for other performers and for films. Wózniak went to music school for a few years when he was young, but didn’t finish. He picked up the guitar on his own a few […]

Sztywny Pal Azji

Sztywny Pal Azji (which seems to mean something like “Rigid Pole of Asia”—something may have been lost in translation) is a Polish classic rock band that was formed in the 1980s and is still active today. It was formed in 1985 by Jarosław Kisiński (guitar), Leszek Nowak (vocals, piano), Paweł Nazimek (bass), Janusz Deda (drums), […]


Kult is a popular Polish rock band that has been active since 1982. It was formed then in Warsaw by Kazik (Kazimierz) Staszewski (vocals, saxophone) and Piotr Wieteska (bass), previously of punk band Poland—they practically introduced the punk aesthetic to Poland. The other original members of the band were Tadeusz Bagan (guitar) and Darek Gierszewski […]

Krystyna Prońko

Krystyna Prońko is a Polish singer who mainly performs jazz. Born in Gorzów Wielkopolski, a small city in the far west of Poland, Prońko did not start out intending to become a singer: her first degree is in chemical analysis, and she worked in this field for some time. Her first professional musical endeavor was […]

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