Hip Hop

Hip hop is a broad category of urban music that generally features rap singing, sampled beats, and sometimes other elements such as turntables and beatboxing. Hip hop and rap first caught on in the USSR just before it fell in the early 1990s. By the 2000s, the genre was well established and developing in multiple directions, from underground gangsta to commercially-produced pop hip hop. Today, many of Eurasia’s rap and hip and hop icons are considered cutting-edge globally. The genre is heavily influenced by strong local poetic and bardic traditions as well as generally influenced by Caribbean music, which has been popular in Russia since the before the fall of the USSR.

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Mnogotochie / Многоточие

Mnogotochie (Многоточие) is one of Russia’s most well-known and intelligent rap groups, and are prominent of example of “gangster rap” and political hip-hop in Russia. Their history is somewhat confusing as the group has been fluid in its membership and has used or been associated with several names. The original group existed from 1998 until […]

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