Ewa Farna

Born to an ethnically Polish family living in a small town in the Czech Republic, Ewa Farna attended first a Polish elementary school and then a separate art school for five years as a child in Česky Tešin, a town in the Czech Republic, where she also attended a dance school and first learned how […]

Dawid Podsiadło

Born in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Southern Poland, Dawid Podsiadło was the winner of Poland’s second X Factor contest. In 2010, he created an alternative rock band with his friends called Curly Heads in their hometown of Dąbrowa Górnicza. At first, the band only performed for each other, constantly practicing every moment they could get; then they […]

Eska Music Awards

The Eska Music Awards is a Polish awards ceremony for national and international music held annually by Radio Eska since 2002. Radio Eska, officially established in 1993, is derived from Radio Solidarity, an underground radio station broadcast illegally during Soviet times. Now Poland’s largest network of radio stations, Radio Eska favors rock, pop, and popular […]


Marta Markiewicz, who goes by the pseudonym Sarsa, is a Polish composer and singer-songwriter known for her trademark “sarsorogi” hairstyle (pictured above). Born in Slupsk, Poland during the summer of 1989, Sarsa began her career during the 2011 edition of the Polish talent show, Must Be the Music. Three years later she participated in the […]

Sopot Festival TOPtrendy

Sopot TOPtrendy Festiwal was a popular and influential three-day Polish music festival in Sopot, Poland active from 2003 until 2014. It consisted of three main events, the “TOP” and “Trendy,” as well as “Cabaret” performances. It was replaced by the Polstat SuperHit Festival in 2015. The TOP concert highlighted the ten most popular artists in […]


Andrzej Smolik, known simply as “Smolik,” is one of the most recognized producers in Poland. Smolik has produced six solo albums and collaborated with countless artists throughout his career.   As a musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist himself, he debuted in 1993 with the band Wiki, continuing on to collaborate with the vocalist Robert Gawliński on […]


Katarzyna Magdalena Szczot, known by her stage name Kayah, is a Polish singer-songwriter and co-owner of the record company Makers Production & Publishing, which specialized in working with up-and-coming Polish artists. Having borrowed from multiple music styles including Slavic, gypsy, jazz, soul, pop, and dance, Kayah has cumulatively sold more than one million copies of […]

Ania Dąbrowska

Ania Dąbrowska, usually referred to as just “Ania,” is a Polish pop singer-songwriter. She’s released five studio albums since 2004, four of which have reached the number one position on the Polish album chart and, with 29 nominations to date, she’s one of the most-nominated artists for the Polish Fryderyk Awards. Born in Chełm, Poland, […]


LemON is a Polish-Ukrainian band founded in 2011 by singer Igor Herbut. The name is a combination of “Lemko,” a Ukrainian ethnic minority inhabiting a stretch of the Polish Carpathian Mountains known as Lemkivshchyna, and the English word “on.” Herbut, born December 17, 1990 in Przemkow, Poland, studied at the University of Zielona Gora with […]

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