Tulia – Polish Folk Covers of Your Favorite Bands

Tulia is a popular folk musical group formed in Szczecin, Poland in 2017. The band consists of three main members: Dominika Sepka, Patricia Nowicka, and Tulia Bicak – after whom the band is named. Originally, the band had a fourth member, Joanna Sinkevich, who, due to health reasons, cut ties with the group in 2019. […]

Sanah – Polish YouTube Indie Sensation

Sanah is a Polish singer, songwriter, and composer, known for her indie/electronic pop music. Born in Warsaw as Zuzanna Irena Jurczak, she inherited her stage name from her real name – the English version of her name, Susannah, was shortened to Sanah. Music was a large part of her life from a young age – […]

Dawid Kwiatkowski

Dawid Kwiatkowski is a Polish pop-music singer-songwriter. Born in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Dawid started his music career at a young age. Dawid was undoubtedly influenced to pursue music by his brother Michal, also a singer. He even recorded his first song – a cover of Edyta Bartosiewicz ‘ song “The Last” in his brother’s studio. During […]

Filip Lato

Filip Lato is a young Polish musician based out of Warsaw. In his childhood, Filip attended the Secondary Music School in Warsaw, but interrupted his education there in order to attend a traditional school to graduate. He continued to play music as he went through university and law school and even after he became a […]

Ewa Farna

Born to an ethnically Polish family living in a small town in the Czech Republic, Ewa Farna attended first a Polish elementary school and then a separate art school for five years as a child in Česky Tešin, a town in the Czech Republic, where she also attended a dance school and first learned how […]

Dawid Podsiadło

Born in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Southern Poland, Dawid Podsiadło was the winner of Poland’s second X Factor contest. In 2010, he created an alternative rock band with his friends called Curly Heads in their hometown of Dąbrowa Górnicza. At first, the band only performed for each other, constantly practicing every moment they could get; then they […]


Novika (Katarzyna Nowicka), a Polish vocalist, DJ, and producer famous for her electronic, deep house, and techno beats, is one of the most active figures in the Polish club scene. Born in 1974, Novika studied piano and flute before rising to fame in 1997 with the DJ duo Boogie Mafia. Together they began appearing in […]


Katarzyna Magdalena Szczot, known by her stage name Kayah, is a Polish singer-songwriter and co-owner of the record company Makers Production & Publishing, which specialized in working with up-and-coming Polish artists. Having borrowed from multiple music styles including Slavic, gypsy, jazz, soul, pop, and dance, Kayah has cumulatively sold more than one million copies of […]

Ania Dąbrowska

Ania Dąbrowska, usually referred to as just “Ania,” is a Polish pop singer-songwriter. She’s released five studio albums since 2004, four of which have reached the number one position on the Polish album chart and, with 29 nominations to date, she’s one of the most-nominated artists for the Polish Fryderyk Awards. Born in Chełm, Poland, […]

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