Pop music is designed for mass-market appeal. In Eurasia, pop traditions have roots in estrada, a performative genre of pop that was widely promoted in the USSR, and whose influences can still be seen in much of contemporary dance, boy and girl bands, and adult contemporary (R&B, soul, and soft rock). Folk influences are common across Eurasia, and pop-influenced pop folk has quite firmly established itself as a genre. These two major influences can also be felt in Eurasian pop rock. Overall, however, much of Eurasia’s pop music looks and sounds very much like western pop music, except for being sung mostly in local, non-English languages. Western pop has had perhaps the largest influence of all, particularly after major investments by such labels as Universal, Warner, and Sony in Eurasia.

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Sati Kazanova / Сати Казанова

Sataney Setgalievna “Sati” Kazanova, was born in a small village in Kabardino-Balkaria, which lies in Russia’s Caucuses Mountains, along the border with Georgia. When she was 12, her family moved to the regional capital of Nalchik, where she began to seriously study music. Sati continued her studies in Vocals at Kabardino-Balkaria College of Culture and […]

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