Zhanna Aguzarova / Жaнна Агузaрова

Published: March 24, 2019

Aguzarova is a Soviet/Russian singer and former vocalist of the group Bravo.

Aguzarova purposefully hides the biography of her early life from public knowledge so there are different accounts of her early experience, but most can agree that she was born in the village of Turtas Uvatsky District of Russia’s oil-rich Tyumen Region to a Russian mother and an Ossetian father, and she finished school in the village of Kolyvan in the Novosibirsk Region in 1977.

For years she applied to several theater schools but was never accepted. In 1982 she moved to Moscow and entered Vocational School #187 as a painter to make money. But soon after she arrived in the capitol, she entered bohemian social circles, took the pseudonym Ivanna Anders, and joined the group Bravo (then referred to as Postscript).

In 1984, she was arrested during a campaign of persecution of rock musicians by the Soviet Union. She was first placed in Butyrka Prison, then transferred the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry and, upon recognition that she was sane, was sent to forced labor in the timber industry in the Tyumen Region for a year and a half.

When she returned to Moscow she rejoined Bravo. In 1986, to show how fast fortunes could change in the USSR, they were represented on Musical Ring, a Leningrad-based television show, and their popularity skyrocketed. Afterwards, the band participated in Rock Panorama-86, a national tour featuring multiple bands, and collaborated with the group Night Prospect to hold a benefit concert to support the victims of the Chernobyl explosion.

By 1987, creative differences began arising within the group. In 1988, Aguzarova left the group to begin her solo career. In 1990 she graduated from the Ippolitov-Ivanov Music School and worked at the Alla Pugacheva Theater for a short time. In 1991, she moved to the United States where she recorded remakes with the Russian-American artist, Vasily Shumov.

She returned to Russia in 1996 and participated in Boris Yeltsin’s reelection campaign. After the election, she starred in the musical film Old Songs about the Main Thing 2 and played five reunion concerts with the old Bravo group.

Throughout the 2000s she gave concerts in Russian clubs, performed songs from her album with Shumov and old songs from the Bravo group dating to when she was the lead singer. Often described as shocking, unpredictable, and eccentric, she maintained a following of people who were enthralled with her “kitsch” wardrobe and overall extravagance on stage. Nicknamed the “goddess of outrageous,” Aguzarova redefined the expectations of women on the stage.


«Верю я» (1986)


Верю я ночь пройдет сгинет страх
Верю я день придет весь в лучах
Он пропоет мне новую песню о главном
Он не пройдет нет

Лучистый зовущий славный мой белый день
Сколько зим ночь была сколько лет
Будет жизнь сгинет мгла будет свет
Он пропоет мне новую песню о главном
Он не пройдет нет

Лучистый зовущий славный мой белый день
Я войду в радость дня блудный сын
И скажу вот и я здравствуй мир
Он пропоет мне новую песню о главном
Он не пройдет нет

Лучистый зовущий славный мой чудный мир


«А снег идёт» (1997)


А снег идет, а снег идет,
И все вокруг чего-то ждет,
Под этот снег, под тихий снег
Хочу сказать при всех:

Мой самый главный человек,
Взгляни со мной на этот снег,
Он чист как то, о чем молчу,
О чем сказать хочу.

Кто мне любовь мою принес,
Наверно добрый Дед Мороз,
Когда в окно с тобой смотрю,
Я снег благодарю.

А снег идет, а cнег идет,
И все мерцает и плывет,
За то что ты в моей судьбе,
Спасибо снег тебе,
Спасибо снег тебе,
Спасибо снег тебе,
Спасибо снег тебе,
Спасибо снег тебе.

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