Zhokei coffee in a Moscow grocery store.


Published: December 28, 2018

Zhokei (Russian: Жокей) is Russia’s leading locally-produced coffee brand, headquartered and manufactured in Saint Petersburg. It sells a wide variety of ground coffee, instant coffee, and coffee beans, including both medium and dark roasts.

Introduced in 1999 by the Orimi Trade Company, the brand has become a notable one in Russia. Over the years, Zhokei has made a habit of adopting best practices such as vacuum packaging and aromafin valves to improve quality and market competitiveness. It’s also well-known on the Russian market for its grind being fine enough to use in Turkish coffee pots, which are quite common in Russia.

The company, with local production, also prices its products lower than many of its competitors and has managed to acquire a market share of 30% for packaged retail coffees in Russia. Zhokei has won many awards as well. These include one gold medal and three silver medals of the Fifth World Tea and Coffee Contest held in Moscow in 2007 and Russia’s National Trade Association Product of the Year in 2008. These are just some of the numerous recognitions the brand has earned. Despite this, they are better known for their prices and grind than they are for the taste and quality of the coffee.

Zhokei sources its coffee beans from all around the world, from regions as far-flung as South America, Africa, and Oceania. All of its production is fully automated as well, with workers merely changing settings and controls. This, the company says, helps eliminate human error and ensure a high-quality product.

Above: An advertisement for Zhokei Coffee

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