Angel NeBes / Ангел НеБес

Angel NeBes (Ангел НеБес) is one of the most popular Russian rock bands that has come out of Saint Petersburg. The band is known for their combination of psychedelic, philosophical, and experimental elements in their music. The group was founded in the city of Novomoskosvsk, in the Tula region, in 2006. Within the first two years […]

Pyotr Nalich / Пётр Налич

Pyotr Nalich (Пётр Андреевич Налич) is a Russian singer-songwriter who sings in Russian, English, Italian, French and Babury (Бабури), an invented language. Nalich’s songs are often funny, at times comparable to children’s songs. All of Nalitch’s songs are available for free or “pay what you want” download on his website and, as he declared in an […]

Nervy / Нервы

Nervy (Нервы; “nerves”) is a Ukrainian alternative-rock band led by singer and pianist Zhenya Milkovskiy (Женя Мильковский). He formed the band in 2010 after his solo career, which he had begun several years earlier, didn’t yield the results he wanted. The original members of the band were Milkovskiy (vocals, guitar), Dmitry Dudka (Дмитрий Дудка; bass guitar), […]

Orgia Pravednikov / Оргия Праведников

Orgia Pravednikov (Оргия Праведников, Eng.: Orgy of the Righteous) is a Russian alternative rock band. They formed in Moscow in 1999 when guitarist Sergei Kalugin (Сергей Калугин) joined forces with the art-rock group ARTel (ARТель), and since then Orgia Pravednikov has continually honed its unique sound, which combines elements of acoustic and electronic music. Orgia […]

Igor Krutoy / Игорь Крутой

Igor Krutoy (Игорь Яковлевич Крутой) is a Ukrainian-born Russian composer, music producer, and promoter. He has been named a People’s Artist of Russia (Народный артист России) in 1996 and a People’s Artist of Ukraine (Народный артист Украина) in 2011. Born in 1954 in the city of Gaivoron (Гайворон), Krutoy was interested in music from childhood, […]

Svetlana Surganova / Светлана Сурганова

Svetlana Surganova (Светлана Яковлена Сурганова) is a Russian singer, musician, soloist, poet, and band leader most famous for her role in the Night Snipers (Ночные снайперы, 1993–2002) and as leader of the group Surganova and Orchestra (Сурганова и оркестр). Surganova, born in 1968, is originally from Leningrad and started to write songs at the age […]

Venya D’rkin / Веня Д’ркин

Venya D’rkin (Веня Д’ркин; originally Aleksandr Litvinov, Александр Литвинов) was a Ukrainian (Russian-speaking) poet, songwriter, musician, artist, and storyteller, and one of the later generation of bards. He had a much more informal, unpolished image than some other recent musicians, showing his truly countercultural ethos. D’rkin grew up in a small mining town near Luhansk. […]

Kirill Komarov / Кирилл Комаров

Kirill Komarov (Кирилл Комаров) is a Russian rock and experimental musician, one of the stranger and more interesting of recent times. From St. Petersburg, he studied Turkish philology at the Eastern Department of Leningrad State University, after which he began translating Turkish poetry and also writing his own original verses. He started writing the songs […]

The Night Snipers / Ночные снайперы

The Night Snipers (Ночные снайперы) is a Russian alternative rock band originally formed in 1993. The band began as an acoustic duo consisting of Diana Arbenina (Диана Сергеевна Арбенина) on guitar and Svetlana Surganova (Светлана Яковлевна Сурганова) on violin. The Night Snipers’ songs are often poetic compositions, many of which feature the work of famous […]

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