Many countries in Eurasia are known for their cinematic traditions. As economies have recovered after the turbulent 90s, so has production of local cinema and TV. Some of these efforts are even now competing locally with international offerings and even becoming known abroad. More recently, Eurasia has also become known as a software hub generating video games popular the world over.

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DukhLess / ДухLess

DukhLess (ДухLess; “Soulless”) is a Russian psychological drama released in 2012. It is based on the novel Soulless: Story of an Unreal Person (Дyxless. Повесть о ненастоящем человеке) by Sergey Minaev. The book was widely read in Russia and internationally, and producer Pyotr Anurov was interested early on in turning it into a film. The […]

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