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Published: July 11, 2021

Hanna (Ханна) is a Russian pop star and model. Her full name is Anna Vladimirovna Kuryanova (Анна Владимировна Курьянова) and she hails from Cheboksary, the capital of the Chuvash Republic in south central Russia. She was born in the last days of the USSR on January 23rd, 1991.

Hanna graduated from a music school specializing in piano. She participated in competitive ballroom dancing, took part in various competitions in Russia and abroad. During her school years she also sang in an ensemble, performed at city events, and participated in charity concerts. In 2013, she graduated with a degree in Economics and Management within the Tourism and Hotel Industry from a branch of St. Petersburg State University.

Hanna has also won multiple beauty contests, including the titles of Miss Chuvashia – 2009, Miss Volga – 2009, Miss Viva Volga-Don – 2010, Miss Volga International – 2010,  and Miss Kemer International – 2010. She was also a finalist for Miss Russia in 2010.

Since 2015, Hanna has been married to Pavel Kuryanov, the CEO of Black Star Inc., a major hip hop record label that also supports a clothing line, a burger chain, and other business ventures. The pair met at the Miss Kemer International beauty contest in 2010, and had a child named Adriana in 2018.

In 2016, Hanna was nominated for the Muz-TV Breakthrough of the Year Award. She performed at the Big Love Show in the Olympic Stadium in Moscow and the Ice Palace in St.Petersburg the same year. She also began a beauty blog and opened three beauty studios called X LASHES BY HANNA, X BEAUTY BY HANNA and X CLUB BY HANNA later that year.

Hanna released her only album Мысли, Часть 1 (Thoughts, Part 1) in 2018. Her most popular song was released in 2020 and is titled “Французский Поцелуй” (French Kiss). The music video for ““Французский Поцелуй” currently has over 48 million views on YouTube.  She has released more singles since then, her most recent ones from 2021 are titled “Сладкий туман” (Sweet Fog), “Coco-Inna”, “Весна” (Spring) and ”Шанс” (Chance).

A recent hit from Hanna, “Сладкий туман” (Sweet Fog)


“Французский Поцелуй” (French Kiss) is a collaboration with Misha Marvin.

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