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Russia’s Top 5 Rap Songs: June 2021

Published: June 30, 2021

PLAYD Russia on spotify has over 80 public playlists, covering many different genres, occasions, and charts. They can also be found on Facebook. Updated weekly, their Top 50 Rap chart shows the top hits in Russia.

In late June of 2021, here is a snapshot of the Top 5:


1. CAMRY 3.5 – Slava Marlow


2. Kрасные глаза (Red eyes) – AQUANEON


3. Пушка (Gun) – 10AGE


4. ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ (Hello) – Egor Kreed, OG Buda


5. Я даю тебе любовь (I give you love) – Просто Вопрос

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