Published: April 23, 2017

TMTV, or Tatar Music Television Channel (Татарский Музыкальный Телеканал in Russian, Татар музыкаль телеканалы in Tatar), is the number-one music TV channel in the republics of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. It launched in 2012 and is based in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. The channel features contemporary Tatar music and has a variety of music-related and other programming covering different genres and formats. Shows include the culinary program Тәмле көрәш (translation unavailable), Top Clip (Топ-клип), and Tatar Avant Garde (Татар Музыкаль Авангард). The channel also broadcasts festivals, concert clips, music videos, entertainment shows and humor programming, as well as the international music festival “Татар жыры.”

The channel also has an awards ceremony celebrating Tatar music. The second and most recent one took place in April 2017, commemorating the fifth anniversary of the TV channel. It featured a range of popular Tatar singers, actors and performers, including Lyaysan Makhmutova (Ляйсан Махмутова), Regina Timerbulatova (Регина Тимербулатова), Gulnaz Battalovoy (Гульназ Батталовой), Indiva (Индива), Landysh Nigmatzyanova (Ландыш Нигматзянова), Diana Tazetdinova (Диана Тазетдинова), Guzel Urazova (Гузель Уразова) and Ildar Khakimov (Ильдар Хакимов), the latter two of which are Distinguished Artists of the Tatar Republic. Award winners included Salavat (Салават), Aydara Galimova (Айдар Галимов), Zaynap Farkhetdinova (Зайнап Фархетдинова), and Khaniya Farkhi (Хания Фархи). There were both music awards and broader awards, including For Contributions to and Development of Tatar Music (За вклад и развитие татарской музыки). Hosts of the show’s programs led the broadcast.

While the channel is, of course, most popular in Tatarstan, it broadcasts across Russia. There are more than 1 million subscribers to the channel in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, and other regions.

The channel’s online broadcast.

The channel’s YouTube channel, which also includes a live broadcast.

A recent episode of Top Clip:

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