Caribbean influence in Eurasian music came first through the strong cultural and political ties between Cuba and the USSR and from USSR’s geopolitical ambitions in Latin America in general. The music was seen in estrada productions, displayed as a “people’s” music from friendly countries under the USSR. Salsa, tango, mambo, and other music and dance styles were all officially supported. It was popular, and, in the 1990s, grew to include rastafari, reggae, and other more traditionally subversive forms as well. Today, while few Eurasian performers operate purely in Caribbean styles, there are many that show strong influence from these genres.

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The band Burito’s eclectic music has been described as everything from “r’n’b” to “hard rock with hip hop elements” to “alternative-electronic.” The band borrows from a variety of styles to make a sound entirely their own – sensitive, poetic, and toe-tapping. The band name comes not from Spanish but from a combination of three Japanese […]

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