Mihran Tsarukyan / Միհրան Ծառուկյան

Published: October 9, 2016

Mihran Tsarukyan (Միհրան Ծառուկյան) was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1987. He is a well-known pop artist and actor. His Facebook page has nearly 40,000 followers and his official YouTube channel has just over 40,000 subscribers. Much of his fame comes from his roles as a main cast member on the show Hard Life (Դժվար ապրուստ) from 2012-2013, and on Full House (Ֆուլ Հաուս) from 2014-2016.

He began his media career in 2006, making his music debut on the first season of the show Hay Superstar, Armenia’s version of American Idol. Rather scandalously, he made it to the final three contestants, but was disqualified from the show on suspicion of having manipulated the audience votes in his favor. He still managed to get a record deal, and released his first album in 2009. Tsarukyan shot his first music video in 2011, and since then has continued to release new music and flirtatious, romantic video clips each year.

Musically, Tsarukyan is best recognized for his emotional love songs and moving ballads. His biggest hit to date is the heart melting 2015 duet with his real-life wife Arpi Gabrielyan, “Anhnar e” (անհնար է/ Is Impossible). The clip has 12.4 million YouTube views, and countless fan tribute videos. Another one of his most popular songs is the catchy, upbeat “Siro Kino” (սիրո քինո/ Love Movie) from 2011. The video clip features a simple dance sequence that will have listeners playing the clip on repeat trying to learn it!

While Tsarulyan has generally stayed away from politics and nationalism, his 2012 track “Gol” (Գոլ/ Goal) in support of Armenia’s national football team.

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Anhnar e/ անհնար է/ It’s Impossible

Siro Kino/ սիրո քինո / Love Movie

Lyrics for “սիրո քինո”:

Patahakan menq handipecinq,
Miangamic qez havaneci
De indz ognir asa inchpes sirtd shahem
Qez inchpes indz mot pahem

U chlini te du el indz pes
Siraharvac es bayc chgites
Te vonc varvel u inch anel
Inchpes xostovanel,vor henc indz es havanel

Ax sirelis galu e or@ u du zgalu es chakatagirn e mez kapel
Sirtd karign im zgum e axr na indz uzum e
El mi pordzir srtid xabel(2 раза)

Khamberem mi mtacir u khasnem im uzacin
Du dzevanum es antarber,bayc lav gitem indz spasum es anhamber
Ba chimacar inch e exel,mer erkusi hertn e ekel
Henc im u qo masin aysor voncvor sksvum e nor hertakan siro kino

Ax sirelis galu e or@ u du zgalu es chakatagirn e mez kapel
Sirtd karign im zgum e axr na indz uzum e
El mi pordzir srtid xabel(4 раза)


Find Mihran Tsarukyan on Amazon

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