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Published: September 11, 2021

Artyom Arteomovich Gotlib, known professionally as Slava Marlow, is a Russian producer, rapper, beatmaker, and YouTube content creator.

Slava Marlow was born on October 27, 1999 in Novosibirsk, a Siberian town known for science and industry. His parents divorced when he was young. He greatly disliked his father after the divorce, and therefore disliked his name, given to him by his father. This, he explains, is why he worked under different pseudonyms online. He came up with Slava Marlow when looking at a list of Russian names and English names next to each other on the computer.

Slava attend a high school that was devoted to music, where he mastered playing the piano and saxophone. In 2016, he created his YouTube channel, where he shared lessons on writing beats and now has over 3 million subscribers.

However, success did not come immediately for him. He began releasing albums and solo works, but this did not acquire him great popularity. He moved to Saint Petersburg in 2018 after high school to enter the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television to study the screen arts.

During this time, Marlow, together with rappers N. Masteroff and Stephan Pie, founded a satirical music group called “Malchugeng” (Мальчугенг) a name that roughly translates as “The Silent Gang.” This band released two albums, Мой генг (My Gang) and Тудасюда (Back and Forth), which were both recorded very quickly. Marlow also released his own first album, Опенинг (Opening), under the pseudonym “Manny.” Published on YouTube, it did not garner much attention and gained Marlow less than 10,000 subscribers from its release.

In 2019, Marlow began to produce, working with the more established rapper Morgenshtern. It was this collaboration that brought Marlow much of his fame and publicity. Slava first worked with Morgenshtern on the song “Yung Hefner” (titled in English), in December of 2019. In 2020, Morgenshtern released the album Легендарная пыль (Legendary Dust) which was wildly popular and completely produced by Slava Marlow.

Slava, who had been working only under pseudonyms, had worked hard to keep his real identity private. But in 2020, he published a video to his YouTube channel called “Artyom.” He explained that certain people had been extorting money from him to conceal his information. He revealed his real name and briefly talked about his childhood and family, and how he came to the name Slava Marlow.

As of October, 2020 Marlow published an EP titled Артём (Artyom). It included collaborations with Morgenshtern and Eldzhey. It begins with a skit, where Slava explains his pseudonym and briefly touches on his dislike for his father. The second song is titled “Снова я напиваюсь” (I’m Getting Drunk Again) and achieved popularity as a TikTok video. The three other songs included are “Быстро” (Fast), “Злой” (Angry) and “По глазам” (By The Eyes).

His latest releases have been singles, “Camry 3.5,” “Кому это надо?” (“Who Needs That?”) and “Ты горишь как огонь” (“You Burn Like Fire”).

Slava Marlow currently has over 1.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify and is rising in popularity within Russian rap music, with live concerts slated for major Russian cities.


A recent hit from Slava Marlow, “Camry 3.5”


“Fast” is a collaboration between Slava Marlow and current Russian rap star Morgenshtern






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